Twenty Four Hours Is Too Early For NY Papers To Mention The Habs And The Game

I decided to check the New York papers to see what they might be saying there about the big up-and-coming game Wednesday night between the Rangers and the Habs.


The New York Post, the Daily News, and the New York Times didn’t mention a thing. Everything was about the Rangers beating Pittsburgh 4-0 the other night. So that was a waste of time.


I did, however, learn that some Ranger fans call Crosby, “Cindy” Crosby.

10 thoughts on “Twenty Four Hours Is Too Early For NY Papers To Mention The Habs And The Game”

  1. Perhaps the Rags are just a bit scared of tomorrow, which, they should be. Lundqvist got lucky with a one night stand. His sloping month should check right back in.

  2. NYC sports writers are simply afraid to speculate Dennis….you very well could “leapfrog” over this one point diff…………as for the ‘pun’ on the kid,I guess it works……..I probably wouldda gone for ‘Norm’ or ‘Bing’. I best stick to cooking….

  3. Why diss Sid so badly? C’mon, sports fans, he’s got a waaaaay better butt than Cindy!

    But, hey, Mats is back &, much as it aggravates me to say so, I think the Canuckleheads are gonna be a much better team down the road for it. But, then, who knows what will happen to him once he has spent some time in the limbo of Canuckleland?

  4. And what a night- the ‘B’boys workin’ the stats………I felt Mats was abit starstruck tho’…what with the entire greatness of our Canucks, don’t be singleing him out —-our whole team eats…. As do your Habs–nice work in NYC btw. Good luck be with Les Canadiens tonight avec ‘Les Bleu Leaf’

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