Twelve Habs Cups and Ingrid Bergman

I bought this nice cup display in a second-hand store in Las Vegas for twenty-two bucks. It’s all the Stanley Cup winners from 1963 to 2002, and the breakdown, (if you don’t have a stats book handy, and you don’t want to be bothered typing “Stanley Cup winners” on your keyboard), is this; 40 years of winners – Montreal has 12, Edmonton -5, Islanders-4, Toronto-3, Detroit-3, Colorado-2, New Jersey-2, Pittsburgh-2, Boston-2, Philadelphia-2, Calgary-1, Dallas-1, and the Rangers-1.



I also bought this in the same store, 1940’s sheet music from Casablanca starring a chain-smoking Humphrey Bogart and the va va va voom Ingrid Bergman.


2 thoughts on “Twelve Habs Cups and Ingrid Bergman”

  1. You might want to be careful who you show those cups to ’cause you might get mugged!

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