Trying To Nail Down The Year – In The Room

From right to left – Dickie Moore, Gilles Tremblay, Henri Richard, and Jean Beliveau.

Then it gets a little tricky. Is it Bill Hicke or Ralph Backstrom beside Beliveau? And around the corner, you can see number 20 above the stall, which was Phil Goyette’s number at the time, and it looks very much like Goyette lacing his skates, although it’s difficult to be sure. Beside him, the player is out of the picture but the sweater hanging up, number 15, belonged to Bobby Rousseau if the year is 1961-62 0r 1962-63. However, if it’s from the ’60-’61 season, number 15 was worn by Jean-Guy Gendron and Rousseau wore number 24.


9 thoughts on “Trying To Nail Down The Year – In The Room”

  1. The number on the stall to the right of Beliveau’s looks like #8, so I think it’s Bill Hickie as he wore number 8 from 1959-1965

  2. DK, If you click on the photo it enlarges to indicate the #8, therefore it would be Bill Hicke. I think your right it sure looks like Phil Goyette.
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  3. Thanks Denis, I think it’s Hicke too but I couldn’t distinguish between number 8 and Backstrom’s number 6.

  4. Dennis, I was looking to see if there was a sweater dragging on the floor. Remember the minor stir caused by PK leaving a sweater on the floor last season and how Hal Gill took him to task for it? PK said he was sorry. But Hal didn’t let PK off that easy and replied:”Sorry doesn’t mow the lawn!”

  5. Danno, that was great of Gill to do that. Above anything else, one must respect the sweater and the crest. PK has learned a lot from Hal I’m sure, and will continue to do so. Gill’s one of our key guys in many ways. But not in a speed skating contest.

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