Habs Bike: Trying To Be Nine Again (I Want A Time Machine)

I found this old 1959 Orilla bicycle licence on eBay recently and I knew I needed it. I needed it because I would’ve had one of these for my bike way back then, and who knows, maybe it’s mine! In 1959, there were about 15,000 people in Orillia. Maybe 5000 of these were kids, and maybe 1000 of them had bikes. Not everybody went by the rules and bought a licence plate, which cost a dollar at the police station. But I did, and my bike was important because I had this massive paper route.

So I figure my odds of this being my old plate are about 1 in 500.

I also didn’t buy this plate just because it brings back memories. I bought it for my bike, a bike I bought as a twisted piece of yellow junk and spent over a year restoring and painting. I’ve posted pictures of this before, but it wasn’t quite finished then. It especially didn’t have my new licence plate on it.

And yes, this is Canada and that’s my palm tree. I have a bunch of them in my yard. They can grow here on the Sunshine Coast, north of Vancouver, and I think all of you should move here so you can have Canadian palm trees too and we can all watch the Habs together.


2 thoughts on “Habs Bike: Trying To Be Nine Again (I Want A Time Machine)”

  1. Well, Dennis… that ride of yours is a real piece of beauty. Now that you are legally licensed and out on the streets of Powell River, please watch out for all the crazed flag wavin’, truck drivin’ Canucksters…they are quite a bunch of alcohol swillers… not like you mild-mannered bike-ridin’ Habs fans.
    Please win your game today.

  2. Palm trees swaying in the breeze in Canada! Who knew?!
    Really Dennis, I know you get more rain and a more temperate climate, but palm trees – wow.

    You always educate.

    Many thanks.

    Love the re-paint on your ride.

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