Travis Moen Can Be A Key Guy

Bruins bruiser Milan Lucic jostled with Montreal’s Travis Moen near the side of the net, and they glared menacingly at each other. Big 6’4, 220 lb Lucic, and Moen, 6’2, 215, and Lucic knew this wasn’t Tomas Plekanec or Yannick Weber or Mike Cammalleri he was dealing with. This was a much more serious meeting.

Lucic backed away, and it was a strong reminder that Montreal has a guy who will police, jump in, and show players on both benches that if you try to take liberties with smaller guys, you’ve might be in a mess of trouble.

Forget that Travis Moen has four goals and an assist for his team so far. That’s just lovely gravy. I believe this guy has upped his game this year, and is playing the way he was needed to play all along. He seems to have found new zip to his skating, he’s handling the puck like he rarely handled it before, and he’s sending messages every night that he’s there for his smaller teammates. Guys like Lucic can go away and not come back.

If Moen can continued to play with this renewed spirit, we’ll see confidence ooze from everyones’ pores on the Habs bench. They’ll be a new and improved bunch if he can do the job in a big way.

He’s a good Canadian prairies boy, and you know how they make them there. Tough, character team guys with a solid work ethic instilled in them not long after they ruin their first diaper. They grow up in an area where the weatherman forecasts bitter cold,with a touch of arctic wind about to blow in, every freaking day for six months, and where cow pies smash into faces and groins as youngsters hone their outdoor hockey skills.

These prairie boys also learn how to to mix ’em up when called upon. Just look up Gordie Howe and Wendel Clark as prime examples.

In my mind, Travis Moen can be one of the absolute key guys in a Canadiens uniform this year. He’s like a big brother, and all his smaller, younger brothers should be picking up his lunch tab on a regular basis.


8 thoughts on “Travis Moen Can Be A Key Guy”

  1. Dennis, you’re absolutely right about Travis Moen. He has been a real pleasant surprise so far this season.

    Travis Moen is a man of many talents:

  2. It will be an Oscar performance when he does this scene again as a Stanley Cup winning Montreal Canadien.

  3. Hey Dennis, I tottaly agree,Travis Moen is breaking out this season,I remember his shorthanded goal last week,what a play.He is hitting hard and sticking up for his smaller teamates,like a true hockey player should.He is just scoring quite regularily as well,taking a quote from Don Cherry….way to go Travis Moen.

  4. Moen has turned into a sniper with a 25% shooting percentage, 25th best in the league or 7th only counting players with 10 or more shots.

    As for bitter cold, that’s Ottawa now. Driving home tonight my car claimed it was -5°C. I’m not a prairie boy, I’m ready for this cold yet.

  5. Moen’s been an incredible asset since the Habs acquired him. If Pierre Gauthier is serious about trading Kostitsyn, he should get another scrapper like Moen. Adding one more enforcer would make the Habs a much more well rounded team once injuries start to clear up.

  6. Phil, for sure. Another physical player with decent hands would be fantastic. Moen’s been great so far and I hope he can keep it up.

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