Travis Moen Adds Size And Grit

 moen2Travis Moen is the newest Canadien, bringing his six foot, two inch, 215 pound frame to the left wing, thereby making Montreal even better, and tougher. Moen was in San Jose, so he and Saku, who is on his way to Anaheim, may pass each other somewhere around Des Moines.

More and more, the team is shaping up, and more and more, I like what I see.

Here’s the CBC report:

Canadiens sign Moen to 3-year deal

Moen started last season in Anaheim, but was traded to San Jose where he had three goals and two assists in 19 games.

He had four goals, seven assists and 77 penalty minutes with the Ducks.

“Travis Moen is a character player,” Canadiens general manager Bob Gainey said in a statement. “He is versatile, and he plays hard. His size and style will contribute to adding physicality to our team.”

The 6-foot-2, 215-pound left wing blocked 78 shots and had 171 hits in 82 games last season.

In five NHL seasons, the 27-year-old has 56 points (29 goals, 27 assists) and 487 penalty minutes with the Chicago Blackhawks, Anaheim and San Jose.

11 thoughts on “Travis Moen Adds Size And Grit”

  1. another pretty decent signing. Hes not going to win you games on the score sheet by any means but hes a great team player who isnt afraid to mix it up and throw his weight around. A good friend of mine personally knows him and hes supposed to be a real good guy.

  2. Joe Sakics retirement is bigger news than this though. The guy pretty much carried Canada on his back and won us a gold medal in the Olympics. Has Joe done something to hurt your feelings in the past? hahaha im disapointed in you Dennis……

  3. With all the Habs news, and also trying to work, I can’t find the time for poor Joe. But yeah, he was great.Would’ve looked good in a Habs sweater.

  4. Oh, if he’s a banger and a guy with heart, Montreal fans will love him. I wish Ryan O’Byrne was more of a banger.

  5. Brian, you’re going to think I’m out of it, and maybe I am. I’m almost embarrassed to ask this; Who’s TTB? You’re dealing with an old dude here who’s losing his mind.

  6. Dennis, TTB is Tom the Bomb Kostopoulos.

    Yes we got a guy with grit an character but he’s got a very poor +/- stats in his career and this scares me since he played for winning teams in Anaheim and San Jose. We shall see of he’s another “Garth Murray”.

  7. The last thing we want is another Garth Murray. You’re right, we have to wait this one out and see how he is. And thanks for the TTB explanation. Am I the only Hab fan who didn’t know this?

  8. Wait and see indeed. Anaheim only scored 7 more goals than it allowed last year. I’m not sure how relevant that really is to be honest, but i thought i would point that out.

    He’s not a statistical upgrade over TTB that’s for sure. So, by a bit of an upgrade, I mean, he’s physically bigger…. i think……

  9. I just like the wholesale changes in general. The team was going nowhere. And now it’s a new team.

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