Training Camp For Them And Us

So far it’s been two days at rookie camp and three at the big one with more to come. And then there were those several days last year doing the same after just moving here.

If you’re a Habs fan and a Montrealer, you may have been to many of these things over the years. I’m sure you still appreciate it greatly. You’re not a jaded bastard, are you?

It’s the kind of thing I’d never done before but had always wanted too. Now here I am checking it out on most days and getting emotional just talking about it.

Plenty of Habs fans elsewhere would also like to be in Brossard right now. I can say that with complete confidence. And those who live in the Montreal area can do it every year if they’re able to call in sick on work and school days, or aren’t forced to go to Walmart on Saturday or Sunday morning.

Is there a better way to spend a morning and early afternoon?  Drills, intrasquad games. Watching the way they fly full-tilt around the ice, reminding me that it is indeed the world’s fastest game. Sixty-four guys all wearing the CH, with the number slowly getting whittled down.

For the players it’s all business, that’s for sure. And for those who don’t ever make the big club, who end up riding buses in the minors or junior and never get to hear the roar of the crowd or be threatened by Milan Lucic, it must be an unforgettable experience anyway.

Something to be proud of and talk about forever. That time they took part in a Montreal Canadiens training camp.

Yes, I remember it well.


11 thoughts on “Training Camp For Them And Us”

  1. In today’s world, that would be linemates Ellar and Weise. I’d visit the Bell for THAT performance!!!!!

  2. Dk, this is how my day will go after reading the letter from Sam Pollock 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!

  3. Dennis – I will be at 1st preseason game Tuesday night. Stopping at Irish Embassy for dinner pre-game if you can make it I will buy you a beer. We can finally meet. Go Habs Go!!!

  4. Gonna make a point of being there. I’ll be the old guy with hair on my face. Just tell me what colour coat you’ll be wearing.

  5. I am so envious! I hear about places like the Irish Embassy Pub from commercials… looks like this years game will be December 6 in Dallas (and since I live relatively close, I may take in a few Dallas games that don’t conflict with the Habs).

    The Louisiana Front of the Habs Army is gearing up because it sounds like Centre Ice will actually have all 82 Habs games with a pro-Montreal English feed…

    Now, if the weather would only cool off!

  6. Mike, how was The Louisiana Front of the Habs Army able to see games before all this fancy internet stuff came along? It’s great that you’ll see all the games. Expecting big things this year with them going deeper than last. Much deeper.

  7. That’s something I miss. The morning paper. A real paper. I also never minded hearing hockey, and especially baseball, on radio. It’s kind of a neat experience.

  8. I will be in a blue Habs sweater with a red habs hat I hope. I will probably not get there til at least 6:15 because of traffic and work and travel from Malone N.Y.

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