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  1. I will have to check where that Victoria place exactly was because I work right on Drummond Street. There’s a parking garage across the street from me but I don’t think that’s it because it’s not that old. I know the Mount Stevens Club is right across the street from me so I’d have to figure out where this place was in relation to that. Then I can try and find this plaque.

    What has always killed me is right down the street is the Bell Centre. Knowing that it’s dead right now just drives me up the wall. What a waste.

    I still think the Old Forum should have been turned into the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Seeing it now is just shame. It’s like turning a church into condos…it’s just so very very wrong.

  2. Darth, please let me know if you locate where the Victoria Skating rink was. It’s a very historic place. And I agree – what they did to the Forum is unacceptable and extremely wrong. What were they thinking? And yes, I know – money. Once again, money comes up. It’s a dangerous seducer.

  3. Dennis I figured out exactly where it is..well, Wikipedia did for me, but the pics tell me exactly where it is. It’s not that far from here or the Bell Centre at all:

    This is the Stanley Street side:


    This is the Drummond Street side (the street that I work on):


    I can try to look for that plaque later this week or next week.

    This building is right behind a big hotel. I drove past this place thousands of times without even realizing what this building was!

  4. Leaf Fan – the whole damn system’s fault. Both sides. Money. Greed. I just wish the LA Dodgers were going into the post-season.

  5. Hobo, I began to follow the Dodgers closely the first year they moved out of Brooklyn. I was 11 or 12.

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