Tough Guys

I’m in the middle of reading a book called “Tough Guy,” the story of legendary pugilist and fine hockey player Bob Probert, who passed away on July 5th, 2010. This was no saint, at least in the early years. But a good guy nonetheless.

Probert had quite a life, embraced drugs and alcohol for years, was in and out of rehab many times, and was a great husband and father. He was also loved by his teammates, whom he would come to the rescue on a regular basis. I don’t know exactly if he was the best fighter ever in the NHL, but there’s a very real possibility.

He talked a lot about his heavyweight battles with Tie Domi, a guy six inches shorter, and so I found a Youtube video of nine fights, many of which are classics, between these two NHL fighters.

The first two fights are the ones I’ve read about so far in this book. Probert initally didn’t take Domi seriously because of the size difference, but Domi’s style was effective against the mighty Probert.

Here’s the video. And if you hate fighting, have a look anyway. These are two honourable titans doing their job, in what were some heavy duty clashes.


3 thoughts on “Tough Guys”

  1. Hey Dennis, I bought that book when I was in Vancouver for the Grey Cup,I read it in a day and a half,very intresting ,the kinda book you just cant put down and then be sad because you;ve finished it.I really enjoyed his stories and the way things work in pro hockey,kinda sad actually.He was a talented hockey player but had to showcase his fighting abilities to hang around the league.This story remeinded me of John Kordic’s biograpghy,same sort of shit only different endings.I just returned from Prince George and picked up theoron Fleury’s story,I look forward to reading this one as well,I used to play hockey with a guy in Gold River who played on the same line as Fleury and Mike Keene in Moose Jaw.He tods me some stories that I can relate to now that Graham James has been convicted once more,good for him.I hope they throw the book at Milbury if he is in fact guilty of what he supposed to have done,no need for this crap in sports.

  2. It isgood news that JM was fired. Sucks that Cunneyworth has only been here for such a shorttime. Hope players reactto this positivfely. Maybe we will getmore goals with a new system.

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