Toppled In Tampa Bay

Not great this one. Blatant giveaways, a rash of penalties, a Lightning shorthanded goal.

3-1 Tampa Bay, ending the Canadiens five game winning streak. A solid game by them and far from solid from the visitors.

Except for one guy, Carey Price, who was unreal all night, diving and sprawling and throwing his glove and pads out and taking sure goals from the likes of Steven Stamkos and Teddy Purcell and a host of others.

Price kept it close and made it deceiving. The Canadiens were out of sorts and the score could’ve been embarrassing. So maybe we should close the book on this one and throw it in the fireplace.

More than anything it was the parade to the penalty box, with some deserved and some not, which is what you get when Chris Lee is working and the Habs are involved.

Lee’s dad is or must’ve been a hardcore Bruins or Leafs fan. Can there be any other explanation?

And those giveaways. Every period we saw loosey goosey puck handling that ended up with Price coming to the rescue. Except the time when David Deshanais gave the puck away on a power play, which ultimately was the winning goal for the Bolts.

Now we’re faced with a suspension, compliments of Douglas Murray landing a vicious elbow into the face of Michael Kostka, which brought the stretcher out but thankfully wasn’t needed.

Just one of those games where the Canadiens were often outplayed, they shot themselves in the foot a bunch of times, and the one saving grace from this is that the Lightning are probably slightly spooked by Price and he’ll be in their heads come playoff time.

The Habs are now officially in the playoffs, thanks to Washington and New Jersey losing, but it was only a matter of time anyway so no need to shout or sing ole.

Random Notes:

Habs lone goal was scored by Brendan Gallagher, his 19th of the season. Sure wish he would’ve slipped the puck over to Galchenyuk on that two-on-one late in the game though.

Tampa outshot the Canadiens 33-26, but it didn’t seem like a 33-26 game to me. Ben Bishop could’ve read The Hockey News for long stretches when his team was peppering Price.

Andrei Markov was hurt in the third and went to the room.

Next up – Friday in Ottawa to meet a team that still has a faint chance of making the postseason. So they’ll be hungry and the gang can’t let up because home ice advantage against the Lightning is still in question.


7 thoughts on “Toppled In Tampa Bay”

  1. Is Subban in the doghouse again? How did he end up with the second least minutes among the defence? It’s never a good sign for a player when Murray gets more ice time than you.

  2. The Habs were deserving losers last night, with or without Chris Lee. Tampa was the much better team for vast stretches of the game. So, here’s how it will likely shape up for the playoffs: Tampa went 3-1 against Montreal this season, and will very likely have home ice advantage. The Lightning also has Ben Bishop, who has owned the Canadiens ever since he came into the league. It’s not exactly cause to be optimistic. Looking ahead to the second round, we would likely see Boston against Tampa, and the Bruins swept the Lightning this season. So, as nauseating as this is for me to write, the path to the Stanley Cup semifinals looks very easy for Boston.

  3. After a good start, the Lightning just dominated. There didn’t seem to be any push-back…

    Sunday, the Wings gave bishop fits glove-side high. Tuesday, my team goes stick-side, low. I can’t help but wonder “what if” when it comes to coaching. I think we’ve probably dropped 10+ points in the standings.

    Please let Gorges be back for the plays. Bouillon and Murray pylon imitations won’t do us any good when a team skates as well as Tampa…

    Eh… off to Ottawa. Let’s not spot them a 3-goal lead this time, OK?

  4. The Gazette’s Pat Hickey was asked this morning about Subban’s lack of ice time and he said he tried to pin down Therrien for an answer but couldn’t. He doesn’t know why PK was on the bench a lot. He also predicts two to three games for Murray, and he thinks Greg Pateryn should be with the big club and doesn’t understand why he remains in Hamilton.

  5. I’ve given up trying to understand why Murray is starting while Tinordi sits.
    I know there’s a limit of 3 post trade deadline callups a team can use, but I don’t know how this works with injuries. Is this why Pateryn and Beaulieu are still in Hamilton? Or are they stuck there to preserve cap space. If too many bonuses are earned this season it will affect next season’s cap limits.

  6. I said to Diana when I saw Chris Lees name “well we’re already down a goal”! Let the fun begin.

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