Top Rookies, Including PK, Announced

PK Subban, who proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was as important to his team as any rookie in the league was to their’s, got only honourable mention in the list of 2010-11 Calder Trophy candidates.

It’s a bumper crop of young guns this year, and you can see the top three, along with the handful not in the top three, right here.

Oh well, no rookie of the year for P.K. I suppose he’s going to have to settle for drinking out of the Stanley Cup instead.

7 thoughts on “Top Rookies, Including PK, Announced”

  1. The award will probably go to Skinner, but I don’t think he or Grabner deserved the nomination over Subban, Carlson or Crawford.

  2. The league is screwed up in so many ways that nothing surprises me anymore. The last time I felt like this is when Bush was leading the country south to us.

  3. Marjo, I hate to admit it, but Bush wasn’t as bad. He may have completely f*cked up the US and the world, but he only did it for 8 years and things are slowly improving. Dictator Buttman has been at it for over 18 years and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.

  4. There’s no end in sight, Chris. The owners love Buttman. So that means he’s a crooked bastard.

  5. Marjo, the league is screwed is many ways, I agree. And if we knew exactly what was going on, we’d probably be more than shocked.

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