Tonight’s The Night

I saw this Ygreck cartoon the other day online, copied it at the time, and if I could remember where I saw it, I’d give credit where credit is due. But I don’t and I apologize.

And although I think it’s just great, I was hesitant to put it up because Bruins fans might think we’re relying on prayer to win instead of good old skill and hard work.

Regardless, I really like it, it’s up, and the boys are going to get it done tonight in Boston.

Habs and Bruins in game seven. GO HABS!!!!

Habs fans

24 thoughts on “Tonight’s The Night”

  1. Dear God:

    It’s me, Marjo. I know you know why I’m writing you and you may think this is sacrilegious however if you can make things swing in our favor tonight I promise I will make better attempts to go to church. Promising to go every Sunday is futile because you know I will fail so the best I can promise (and I’m serious about this) is once a month. And if the kids don’t want to go (you know the struggles I’ve had Sunday mornings, I will go alone.

    I also promise to work on not yelling at the kids nightly for them to do their homework (actually whether the Habs win or lose I need to work on this anyway now that the good weather is here and the windows are wide open for the whole neighborhood to hear me).

    God, I know you’re probably thinking we’re selfish in Quebec. That we are greedy having already won 24. And maybe we are but we have bad roads, no baseball team and some long, long winters. Hockey is our sport as you know, it’s who we are. So please God, I BEG YOU, work your magic such as, have the B’s pucks hit the crossbar, have them get suspensions and give plenty of giveaways. I know it sounds evil to say but if you can throw in an injury to Chara or Lucic…ok, nevermind, you’re right, I’m going too far.

    Thanks God. I have a feeling your a Habs fan anyway.

    A true Habs fan,

  2. All I ask for is a repeat of the effort put forth Monday, sixty minutes of solid team effort & let the chips fall where they may!
    As Serge Savards words of wisdom said to PK, play the clock & hope that our TEAM plays to that game plan as well!!!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Boys,skate like the blazes between the whistles and SKATE AWAY after the whistle!!! Please!!! Take note of the jersey #, file it till next season and then do what may cost you a game or two. We’ll all be rooting for you!!! P.S. I don’t even have to pay $20.00 for my daughters ride tonight!!!!!

  4. Chara outscored P.K. by one goal!!!!!!!!!!!opps tobad go in wrong net Cha-Cha!!! Folks,this series was for all you folks to have an excuse to skip work tomorrow.

  5. Marjo… NO

    As much as I don’t care for Bruins, it was very shocking on how mediocre Charra was.

    One day to celebrate and then the Rangers. They do scare me.

  6. Mike, my comment was tongue in cheek… what I’m trying to say is that Iginla’s a cup-chaser and we are ALMOST there. Maybe he’ll come knocking at our door?

    I think Charra got hurt.

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