Tonight It’s The Devils

The Canadiens tackle the Devils in Newark tonight and will be without Michael Ryder (lower body injury), along with the usual guys, Rene Bourque, Raphael Diaz, and Brandon Prust.

Big Jarred Tinordi will play his first-ever NHL game, which must be an awesome feeling. In my next life, I want this feeling.

As has been the case so many times this year, someone else, maybe even someone we least expect, will hopefully get in some sort of magical groove and help carry the team to another win, which would make it five straight, which of course is what we expect because we’re spoiled bastards now.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say David Desharnais will be the one tonight. He’s happy, healthy, and rich.

The Devils sit in sixth spot in the east, eight points behind Montreal, and apparently are without Martin Brodeur, which is good news for Habs fans considering the sleepless nights and mental anguish he’s caused us over the years. So the task at hand is this: Take advantage of no Brodeur, beat the Devils and make it five straight; it’s somebody else’s turn to light the fire; and nobody get hurt.

I’ve been close to Newark but never actually been in the heart of it, and I’m sure it’s a fine place. Although at one time this city of 277,500 (the 67th largest in the U.S), and just eight miles west of Manhattan, was ranked by Time magazine as the most dangerous city in the nation, and according to Wikipedia, every mayor except one, since 1962, has been indicted for crimes committed while in office. Newark is also the home of the nasty Northern State Prison, and is just ten short miles from the Rahway prison where Rubin “Hurricane” Carter did his time.

But aside from these little hiccups, Newark has probably been cleaned up considerably and is a great place to live. It’s also a great place for the Habs to grab two big points.


8 thoughts on “Tonight It’s The Devils”

  1. I read the same thing Danno, I’ve been checking other game summaries & never spotted his name. I thought just maybe they had sent that Rat faced Weasle down to the AHL or better still to the KHL!!!

  2. Mike and Danno, I thought he died a long time ago and had been a judo expert. Oh, wait a minute – that’s Bruce Lee.

  3. Rueban “The Hurricane” Carter!!! I, A HAB addict graced the old Maple leaf Gardens and saw Bob Dylan’s benifit concert for The Hurricanes legal fees. WHAT A PERFORMANCE!!! [better than a Leaf game].

  4. DK, I wish Bruce Lee was still with us and could take Chris Lee out for a little tune-up!!

  5. Great, Peter. Dylan’s voice might be shot now but I used to love it. His older tunes are very much some of my all-time favourite music.

  6. Mike, if he screws up tonight, you and I need to pay him a visit and make him an offer he can’t refuse.

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