Tonight in Old St. Louis

Daniel Briere has been announced as a healthy scratch in St. Louis and rightly so in my mind.

But I also noticed in surfing around that many Habs fans still feel David Desharnais is the worst thing to come along since hockey was invented and they want him demoted, traded, bought out, tarred and feather, and kicked to the curb.

Frankly, I must be missing something. I thought he’s been playing well lately and has been a big factor in Max Pacioretty’s recent prowess.

Maybe my eyes are getting worse. Maybe the acid flashbacks have started again.

An 8 pm Montreal time puck drop. In St. Louis it’ll be 7 pm.  And 5 pm in Powell River.

10 thoughts on “Tonight in Old St. Louis”

  1. Hi Dennis,

    Yes, I do think DD is playing better (tho his slow start was unacceptable IMO) and I never liked the Briere signing (tho I don’t think he’s really put in a position of success by the coach) but my problem with both signings is that we already have enough centers and don’t need to keep buying more. Galchenyuk, for example, is a center but won’t get moved there anytime soon with the overload we currently have, and that’s a damned shame.


  2. I’ve said my piece about DD already this season, and his play has picked up since that horrendous start, but it still has a ways to go to be adequate. Briere, on the other hand, has been a ghost just about all season. I think that he’s done, and I wonder why the Flyers were able to recognize that, but Marc Bergevin was not.

  3. He’s a Quebec-born player with a 14 million-dollar contract that puts a big target on his back if he does not produce EVERY night given how we locals chew up and spit out our home-grown players.

    No great mystery to me why a lot of Quebecois would rather play anywhere other than Montreal.

  4. Dennis, we must have shared the same acid. I too, think he is playing very well these days. Lets remember, he’s a play-maker and he’s been setting up Max every opportunity he gets. And he looks like he plays with more confidence. And I agree completely with Mike Wyman!!!

    As for Briere (and Parros) big mistake in my opinion.

  5. Something (probably my hyperactive Twitter feed) tells me that it’s a good thing that I’m not watching any of the Blues-Habs game tonight. Sounds very, very ugly………

  6. Here’s the biggest difference I see between last season’s team and this year’s squad: Last season, the team would jump on other teams. It was always (at least) 1-0 Montreal after one period, if not 2-0. This year, that’s not the case, and the Habs have shown an unfortunate predilection for taking one or more periods off during games. Is it Therrien? Another coach? Bad chemistry? All I know is that we can’t expect the team to do much in the post-season, assuming that it gets there, if this keeps up.

  7. Bergevin should be the one tarred and feathered for the Desharnais and Briere signings. But what’s done is done, playing them is the only option.

    The only trades available are for another team’s overpaid player and somehow we always end up on the losing end of these exchanges. Gomez for Higgins?

    Demoting players makes absolutely no sense under the new CBA.

    We’ve already used up our two cap free buyouts on Gomez and Kaberle so that’s not an option. I’d say Desharnais is worth around his buyout value so no benefit now and we’d be hurting our future.

    I’d be surprised if Bergevin isn’t considering buying out Briere and taking the PR hit. But that can’t happen until summer and he probably needs to see him play more to reach a decision. I’m hoping Briere retires in the summer rather risk another concussion.

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