7 thoughts on “Tomas Plekanec Stirs The Pot”

  1. Dennis, The odor – sorry – Theodore left the ice today at practice after getting hit by a shot by Ovechkin on the inside of the knee. He returned briefly after leaving with the trainer but then got off the ice again.

    He may not start tomorrow as a result.

  2. Geez, I wonder what this does for the karma factor. Does it turn the cosmic waves upside down? Maybe we don’t need a French-Canadian goalie come in to our building. Maybe this is the best thing. The power of positive thinking marches along.

  3. I think Lapierre should be the one stirring up the Capitals and driving them crazy enough to take stupid penalties. We need Pleks to shut down Ovechkin and score few goals.

    However it looks like Plekanec’s tactics have worked. As Danno shows Theodore is running scared and is building up his excuse for when he lets in the softies.

  4. Already it’s fun Chris, and it hasn’t even started. And Lapierre needs to get involved for sure. One more sleep.

  5. I dont know if what he said was stirring the pot. I think he was speaking the honest truth. The capitals have got some serious issues between the pipes and I can see the Habs winning this series if they can get a little luck on there side.

  6. Absolutely, Jordy. And now Theodore’s been pulled. We’ll see how Varlamov does. Habs need a lot of shots.

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