Toker Stones Ducks

Dustin Tokarski, in nets for the Canadiens for his very first time, came up big in stopping 39 of 42 shots as the boys beat the quackers 4-3 in a shootout and grab a massive two points and a ton of confidence.

Tokarski had previously seen big time duty in the NHL when he was between the pipes for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2009-10  for two games and then another five in 2011-12, but he played like a seasoned pro in what must have been a nerve-wracking experience last night.

How great is it when your gold-medalist goes down, backup Budaj, fills in nicely, and then Budaj’s backup, Tokarski, also does his job in fine fashion.

It’s very satisfying for all concerned. Except for other teams and people who hate the Habs of course.

Montreal came out flying and took a big 2-0 lead on goals by Brian Gionta and Max with his 30th of the season (which is a fine season indeed).

Max has been playing on another level since returning from the Olympics. More fire, more jump, more confidence. At the perfect time of the year.

Things got slightly dismal in the second frame when a puck got behind a screened Tokarski, another hit a glass support and caromed in while Toker was preparing to corral it around the boards, and then after a terrible and confused Habs power play, the Ducks took the lead.

At this point, it all could have fallen apart like a great party raided by the cops, but credit to the Canadiens, they never gave up, and in the last minute of the second period, Brendan Gallagher banged it home and game was tied.

The game was scoreless in the third period and overtime, but in the shootout, Desharnais, Briere, and finally Andrei Markov beat Jonas Hiller and it made my heart soar like a Himalayan Snowcock.

This was a Habs team with good legs, with jump (aside from their zero for five power play attempts), and the many Habs fans at Anaheim’s Honda Center certainly must have enjoyed themselves.

I know I did, from the friendly confines of my apartment the morning after. I tried to stay up last night but my eyelids felt like they had pucks stapled to them.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Ducks 42, Habs 31

Lars Eller was a healthy scratch, and George Parros was given a small tribute on the screen, in which he gave a heartfelt response. George spent six seasons as a Duck.

A huge win. A road trip like this, against some of the league’s elite, seemed daunting, and although they lost a tight one (2-1) the other night in L.A., they came out with jump against the league leading Ducks, played well, and won the thing.

This has to be great for their confidence, and with Weaver and Vanek poised to join their new team, who knows? Maybe a great march onwards and upwards is in the making.

Coyotes on the agenda tonight (9:00 pm ET), and we’re expecting the same jump and character as we just saw. So c’mon boys, keep it up.


16 thoughts on “Toker Stones Ducks”

  1. Well believe it or not M/T went outside of his comfort zone having Markov in shootout but not too far as he still had Plexs in it. Hopefully this game and the trades propel us to a strong finish. At least we know that Tampa is now a man down and the Rangers once again shook up their future by sending so many draft pics for St.Louis.

  2. Another upside to yesterday’s trades is that M/B thinks we can go deep hence the trades so if we don’t the maybe M/T will be on thin ice. It could be a win/win either way.

  3. Officially we had 4 healthy scratches yesterday, Bouillon, Eller, Vanek and Weaver. I didn’t think this was allowed with 20 players dressing and a 23 player maximum active roster.

  4. Not sure but I think after trade deadline roster size can change but cap space and number of contracts can’t.

  5. Sorry I missed this. By all accounts it was a humdinger of a game.

    And with the addition of Vanek, people are starting to take the Habs seriously now. Even Bruins and Leaf fans were talking about it with envy today. Can’t wait to see what Vanek delivers tonight against the Coyotes!

  6. dra, for me, more than anything, this trade sort of revitalizes a very stagnant feeling that had set in. This is the biggest reason I like it.

  7. dra, I also feel we can go deep. They seemed to have picked it up a notch. Although Bourque needs to catch up.

  8. Knuckles Nilan really let Bourque have today on the radio. He said somebody in the room needs to give him shit. Guys are trying to win games and he’s going through the motions.

  9. DK, I was thrilled to see the kid keep us in it through reg. & OT, but to come out on top in the S/O, it will be a memory he won’t soon forget. You mentioned the party could have fallen apart if the cops raided, no where as devastating as when the Boys showed up at someones party!

  10. I’m so excited about this team right now. Vanek is clearly the Cherry on top but even without him, we did so well without Price. Team was good coming into the Olympics and after winning against the first place team last night, this is all an ultimate high. I trust in MB and in MT, expect some losses here and there but all in all, it’s a gonna be a sweet spring.

  11. Good stuff, Marjo. From both you and the team. The best part for me about this whole thing has been and excitement and buzz it’s created. It’s been boring and lacklustre at times, and the team’s been impossible to figure. Good, great, really lousy, did the coach lose the room. Sometimes they’ve played like they were half-asleep. But this new development has added this great feeling that we’ve missed. And I’m so proud of the way the backups have done the job with Price out. They’ve really contributed in a big way. Vanek plays tonight and he’ll be feeling himself around somewhat, with new jersey, linemates, coach and all that. I just like the
    overall good buzz it’s created.

  12. Let’s see what happens tonight, but right now, there is an air of excitement about this team that hasn’t existed in about a decade!

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