Tokarski Saves The Day

The Canadiens, with sensational goaltending from DustinTokarski and an overtime goal by Alex Galchenyuk, win game three 3-2 and make the series a series.

Not that they deserved it but whatever.

Yes they were embarrassingly outplayed for much of the evening and outshot 37-25. But when the sports news comes on, the intro will say that the Canadiens are back in it after winning in overtime. Then I can turn the TV off, smile, and carry on.

However, the boys might want to think about playing a tad better than this. If you’re a Habs fan and didn’t see the game, it might have been a good thing, except you would have missed a young goalie stand on his head.

Dustin Tokarski was simply excellent. Surprisingly excellent. He stopped pucks left and right. Mr. Price couldn’t have played better.

And although I feel for Peter Budaj, after seeing the kid hold the fort in such fashion, it’s easier now to understand why the coaches went with him, even though he had no experience.

Toker won the game for Montreal plain and simple. It was him and no one else, even though the puck went by Henny Lunny three times.

Alex Galchenyuk scored the winner but was mediocre, as was Tomas Plekanec, who fed the puck to Galchenyuk for the winner, as was Thomas Vanek, who assisted on Daniel Briere’s goal that gave the Habs a late 2-1 lead, as was P.K. Subban, who gave the puck up at the blueline that led to the Rangers’ opening goal.

They were all mediocre and they weren’t the only ones. And it was weird to see PK so ordinary.

Not their finest moments, but the team won. Surely that has to deflate the other team.

The Canadiens, thanks to Dustin Tokarski, kept the Rangers to two goals, some greasy ones got by the guy with good hair at the other end, and the series is narrowed to 2-1 instead of a nightmarish 3-0.

It could also lead to great things. The Stanley Cup Finals might have crossed the Rangers’ minds ever so slightly, and instead they lose the game and realize now that if they lose game four and the thing is all tied up, life just might really suck.

The Canadiens know they played poorly, how could they not, but realize they have a young goalie doing the job nicely with Price out. He’s given his team a huge boost, and by no means are they out of it.

The chance of being in the Finals is alive and well, all because of the young guy from Saskatchewan donning the pads.

Maybe from all of this we’ll see the Canadiens at their finest again, playing the way we know they can play, which we haven’t seen yet in this series except for a few minutes of game two.

They won this game three by the skin of their teeth. They dodged a bullet. Beautiful, except they were quite lousy while doing so.

Maybe Dustin Tokarski has turned the series around.

Random Notes:

Not everyone was terrible. Max, DD, and Gally played hard.Dale Weise has some moments. Not many but some. Brandon Prust showed passion. Markov was involved.

But two thirds of the team were less than good and it’s disturbing. Are the Rangers that strong that they made many of our guys look like they were stuck in cement? I don’t think so.





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  1. They won. The question on my mind is what’s gonna happen with Prust. The NhL safety people are looking into and it could lead to a 1 game suspension. Truth tobe told I was in the other room when it happened and I heard and then… then it was the 2d period and then it was the third and then it was the OT and between OT and the break I was watching Antichambre RDS guys talking. and I said to myself before OT started, they’re (the Habs) are gonna win it in 30 seconds. Hahahah Turned out that I was off by 40 seconds? There you go Mister Kane, Habs intuition. Habs won. What more can one ask from a Thursday night with a new whiz kid stand em on your head goalie. In French they were already punning on his name Tokarski_ TokarsQUI? hahahahha Love them, love him. Sunday’s next and they’re gonna whop em Ranger boys.

  2. Dennis, I have the same questions as you. How can it be that against Boston ALL our players showed up? Are they deflated? Are the Rangers better than the Bruins? Maybe this win will pump some life into them. And yes, PK, where are you?

    Finally, can someone please solve Kreider? He bothers me big time.

  3. I don’t know how many times I had to change my underwear when Montreal had the puck in their own end. Awful.

  4. That first period may have been the worst of the season. How a team facing a potential 0h-3 deficit could come up so flat is incredible!

    Positives: someone discovered King Hinne is parked so far back in the net that working right in front will lead to goals.

    And that Flyer-turd Carcillo is history, possibly forever, after shoving a linesman.

    I believe 24/7/365 GHG!

  5. So…… If Toker steals this series and Price comes of the DL for the final, who plays?

  6. Which begs the question, how hurt is Price? Hurt for this series, the next month, all summer? What’s the injury and what’s the news? Anyone know?

  7. Marjo, I don’t think there’s been any definitive word yet on Price. At least I haven’t heard anything. As soon as we here he’s skating, even a little, at a practice, then we’ll know I guess. Toker was so fantastic last night. But the team wasn’t, which is disturbing.

  8. Mike, I sure don’t get why they played so poorly in a game like that. I kept asking my myself – are the Rangers that good? But I don’t think they are. Montreal has some players that just aren’t contributing, which was a problem for much of the season until they got it together in the first two rounds. Now it’s back to the same old bullshit. Maybe some felt they’d never win without Price, but now that they see how Toker can come through, maybe they’ll step it up.

  9. Travis, they really were awful and it’s too difficult for my little pea brain to comprehend. A big game like that and many were terrible, including PK. We take it game by game and hope they improve. A big showing on Sunday would be dramatic.

  10. Marjo, I don’t get it either. At least they’re not down 3-0, but they definitely have to play better. What a confusing bunch our team is. Kreider? Off with his head.


    Benoit Pouliot Boards Alexei Emelin

    I am concerned with the consistency….Stepan lays on the ice like he was dead on contact….peaks at the refs, when he realizes there is no call, he looses it and miraculously is fine, jumps up and kicks and screams all the way off the ice…is this a question of who is able to get away with things behind the play these days because after watching Boston / Habs then this series i am noticing a strong trend towards dirty play behind the scenes. Thats fine and well and part of hockey, but when someone delivers a slightly late hit, but in a clean fashion, it pisses me off to hear about hearings and review of suspension. Everything Habs do, comes into question and gets a lot of attention both on the ice and off, yet I have witnessed absolute murder for years against this team by way of Boston and I have consistently witnessed some of the worst reffed games when playing NY. Where is the review of Price being taken out, with the offending player having history of this action on goalies….if that had been a team worthy of US TV networks, there would have been a discussion. Then we have Pouliot running around nailing everyone he can get his hands on. Thats fine, whats wrong with hitting a guy from behind? its no big deal, right? I can live with that, since Emelin survived the hit from behind, just like Stepan Survived the mid ice hist after he passed off the puck….But whats with Pouliots dirty stuff behind the scenes…..Holding non stop, pulling guys down, Slashing, Cross checking…Looking more like a cross between Chara and Marchant with that style of play! I had respect for New York as a Habs Fan, but I can see we need to step up our Heavy Game, and thats just what Prust did this game, and in a clean in front of the scenes and regular play kind of way…it may have been late, but it was clean. We know the reffing is rigged, and we know why (“Coast to Coast New York Versus LA a Bettman” Dream Come true”, especially if Boston cant do it, and Crosby;’s Dream team is dead”) and We know Boston has been repeatedly handed the farm via Campbell and his Disciplinary staff (or lack there of…)
    What i dont know, is how i can watch this rigged wrestling style of reffing the NHL has turned the Game into…wtf? There are so many obviously ignored calls throughout this series, maybe its time to really look at the big picture. Calls are being made at strategic times, game changing times, after ignoring obvious calls all game. Refs…Please make some consistent calls, review the hits that need to be reviewed, or at least call penalties on them. and start looking at the game, not the big picture in favor of US Television revenue, Bettmans Pet projects, and Campbells Controlling of the Disciplinary system because his son is on a team that is the most murderous in 15 years in the NHL yet seems to walk through getting away with this murder with little action taken against them. So now that Habs have exterminated Boston and are staring down the game 4, lets please remember Habs deserve to be where they are, and Have earned, please dont take away opportunities they have earned on their own hard work and clean play. I dont mind discipline, but it needs to happen consistently. Stepan May be injured, and Prust may be suspended, but there is much more to the story….We will be without Price, where was the call on that, and where was the discussion? Accidental contact? yes, thats for people that did not play the game, players have more control and more skill in hiding the ability to stop these days. Part of the game? Yes. But we were supposed to be calling this Goaltender stuff along time ago, and here we are third round, two of the best goalies int he world facing each other off and no discussion? lol, I think i love my Habs, but i need to put money on the obvious. That Bettman and Campbell have things set the way they see it needs to be, and Montreal Canadiens are not in that plan.

    Go Habs!!

  12. They have played one good period in 9. What’s going on? They have a couple of fast players but come on. I’m afraid that they tried to play defensive and they won. They’ll think that will be the formula to win and try it again. It seems like our defensemen are slow. It seems the rangers are blowing past them quite easily. Emelin seems lost half the time. I don’t know???? It just seems the rangers are ready for each game and the habs are surprised by it and spend the whole night playing catchup

  13. Good stuff, Andy. Now they’re saying Stepan’s jaw is broken. I didn’t know a guy could talk as well as he did afterwords when he was whining, with a broken jaw. They also say Prust came in a second too late (they timed it). When Chara hit Max, it was about double that. I agree with you. Other teams get away with murder against Montreal. Brad Marchand is a good example for me. In the Boston series, I never saw so many uncalled, flagrant things from one guy in every game as I did from Marchand. Even now, when I think back, I still wonder why he was rarely called. Slashing and hooking especially. It never stopped. Prust is going to have his hearing at 4 apparently (I’ll be out at this time for awhile I think and won’t hear until later). I say good for Prust for trying to put some fire into his team, although it didn’t work. It’s hard to understand how they could play so poorly. So we wait to see how many games these clowns decide upon for Prust. Fans of others teams call us criers and whiners but we have every reason to get riled up. Unbalanced injustice happens every year for years now. We now expect to get screwed in one way or another and it shouldn’t be that way. The NHL in many ways is a joke.

  14. I know, Frank. One good period only. It’s hard to figure. They’ve been blowing by PK as well. They’re making the other team look way too good and they shouldn’t. Montreal, when everyone is going well, is as good or better than anyone. But rarely do we see all of them on the same page. It’s frustrating to say the least to watch them, especially when we’re expecting much more.

  15. Mike
    I’m not quite sure what you meant by your ??? but i shall respond to the way I read it.
    I am and have always been a huge Price fan and the fact that we both have been considered to have a redneck streak only strengthens my bond. The obvious answer is to start Price no matter what and I would be hard pressed to disagree.
    Perhaps I should have made myself clear. My scenario was not if the habs find their mojo and win the series with Tokarski in net, but if the habs continue their inconstant, shitty play and win because the goalie STEALS it when the team really doesn’t deserve to win. That would mean the goalie is seriously in the opponents kitchen. In the Ranger’s kitchen, in the King’s/Hawk’s kitchen. Momentum is big in the playoffs… Win at any cost. But we need three more steals.
    Plus, as Marjo astutely asks, how injured is Price??? We probably will never know, especially if he starts the next series…….. Seriously????? oh yeh

    Dennis, Budaj is a great team mate, fantastic on the bench and in the room, just don’t put him in net. I would rather see Josh Gorges between the pipes.

  16. I really like what Andy says and I agree with him 100% — especially about the US TV market and it makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH. One Canadian team left. And now that the Canadian dollar is getting weaker compared to the last few years, this will affect our Canadian team’s revenues which means we will not have the funds to afford the best HOWEVER we have to continue to subsidize the flailing American teams. It just makes me sick. Did I already say that? And they want teams in Las Vegas and Seattle and you know damn well they’ll get it before Quebec City because the East currently has more teams than the west and because Buttman has a dollar sign tattooed on his ass and salivates at the thought of an arena being built in LV where money grows on tumbleweed.

    The future of our beloved sport and where it’s headed because it is being shepherded by greed makes me sick. I long for the day where we’ll have a pure Canadian hockey league. Who will be our hero to man something like that?

  17. Good stuff Hobo. The fact, is, if Tokarski stood on his head and won the series almost by himself, I’ll bet the staff would consider it. To go with Price who might be rusty and even not quite healed, or stay with a guy who’s been lights out, would be worth considering or doing for sure. It would definitely be interesting, and if it came down to that, it would mean the team was rolling toward the Cup.

  18. Hobo, I thought the same. If Toker goes on to becoming the second coming, literally, who do you play if Price is ready? If Price turns out to lose a game we would kick ourselves for not keeping Toker. And if we keep Toker and he loses…

    If I were a betting girl I would say Price is hurt long-term

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