9 thoughts on “Toilet Series Begins Tonight”

  1. I laughed a little bit too hard over this picture but I can forgive myself.

    I look forward to this series. I have a feeling that the Leafs are going to try and send a message and it’s going to backfire on them horribly (but be very entertaining for us).

    Poor Don won’t know who to cheer for tonight.

  2. Darth, poor P.J. Stock. He loves both too. I feel terrible for him and Don to be put in this position.

  3. I agree with both Ian & Mike, hopefully they pound the shit out of one another that neither can ice a team to finish the series!!!

  4. Dennis, I wouldn’t sit on that toilet seat if I were you until you cleaned it with some strong disinfectant. It’s crawling with Bruins and Leafs cooties!

  5. …a living illustration, I hope, of what WW3 will be …mutually assured destruction

    …also known in short as …the MAD series ! 🙂

  6. Well, the US now has answer to HNiC and Laff LoveFest. NBC’s oral job on the Bruins was as nauseating as Saturday’s pre-game on CBC. “The Bruins have been improving as of late!” Yeah, that was evident Sunday night and most of the previous 10 games…

    Thankfully, both of these clown cars will gone after two rounds!

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