Toenail Clipping

I find myself thinking more and more about the lockout and how it’s affecting me, and I have to say it’s not affecting me a great deal at all, other than having to dig deep to keep posting here every day.

I’m just sick of the whole mess, one created through greed, distrust and lies, and one that may never get truly resolved, even if they go back to work. It’s way too discouraging. I’m also tired of seeing hockey analysts on TV going on and on about it every day, of press conferences with Donald Fehr with sombre-looking players standing in the background, and hearing that the Winter Classic is cancelled, with the all-star game next. Which is fine because I despise the All-Star game anyway. Seeing smiling players in a big love-in isn’t my idea of the sport.

I’m tired of hearing about players signing with teams overseas – it’s boring and depressing, and every time I hear, it’s like another nail in the season-being-over coffin. And of course I’m tired of Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, and the word “millions.”

I’m just sick of it all, even to the point of putting personal hockey memorabilia away, out of sight, and making my museum-like room, which I’ve shown photos of here, more of a normal room. I hate the term “man-cave” and I’ve decided to do something about it. I’m too old for a man-cave, and I’m allergic to dust.

When PK Subban does the weather on TV, it doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t smile or laugh or have any kind of emotion. All I can think of is, why didn’t he sign a contract. When Andrei Markov gets hurt in the KHL, I’m nonchalant. When owners and players jostle over millions, I yawn. I’m too busy trying to get my ducks in a row so I can retire from the workforce and still be able to pay some bills.

I think about hockey players now and I think very little. With the Canadiens it’s always been about the team as a whole anyway. When I watch them, I see the sweater. I see the crest. I see if they win or not. Who wears the sweater makes very little difference. It’s how they help the team that’s important. That’s why I climb up one side of Scott Gomez and down the other. He hasn’t helped the team and thus, he deserves it. It goes with the territory.

If Josh Gorges or Erik Cole came to Powell River, it doesn’t matter, even though they do a good job for the team. I wouldn’t go out of my way. I don’t want their autographs. Trevor Linden was in town recently, played road hockey just around the corner from me, but I stayed in the house and clipped my toenails or whatever. This sort of thing just isn’t important to me. Yes, if it was Jean Beliveau, I’d seek him out and ask him to tell some stories about another time, about Plante and Harvey and the Rocket and such. Being coached by Toe Blake. With Josh Gorges or Erik Cole, I’d really have nothing to talk about.

I won’t be watching when Toronto plays Pittsburgh or Columbus takes on the Devils, or any other of the hundreds of meaningless games (to me) around the league. I could care less. I have toenails to clip. It’s only about the Habs crest and the team winning. Everything else about the NHL means nothing. The lockout, money, and the previous disputes, have made me tired.


12 thoughts on “Toenail Clipping”

  1. Denis,

    I feel your pain.

    I’m listening to the Bulldogs at Rochester and Quebec at Acadie-Bathurst streaming on internet radio. The problem with the latter is they’re speaking very fast in French. Bulldogs are 1-0 down after 1 and Quebec have just gone 5-2 up in the 2nd.

    In the last week or two I’ve started to take a closer look at the these leagues I couldn’t really say why.

    It’s not like I don’t have some toenails to clip.

    Chin up chap.

  2. I find that the way the fans are being treated is so incredibly insulting. Talk about being taken for granted. After the last lockout I was sure this would never happen again but here we are.

    I guess as it stands we probably won’t see anything until Oct 2013 now unless some miracle happens. Unbelieveable way to treat your product and your number one customers. Can you picture stores working like this? The Three Stooges would do a better job.

    Great rant Dennis. It’s shameful that it’s come to this.

  3. Now you’ve got me curious. Is it a generational thing or a super-star quality thing? Who is the most recent player for whom you would endure unkept toenails?

    If we were to get or develop a real star would you take a break from the toenail clipping to see him? Roy was our last but a good save isn’t the same as an end-to-end goal scoring rush; can’t win the Stanley cup with a save. Before him it would be all the way back to Lafleur. Both of them had an arrogance air about them. They wouldn’t appreciate what you were giving up.

  4. Christopher, even the way players sign autographs now, just scribbles, is insulting considering what we give to the game. If Montreal had a genuine, super duper super star, I would stop and say hello. I’d be curious to see what kind of person he was away from the cameras. Kind of like now as I’m curious what kind of person Subban is.

  5. Darth, there seems no hope of a deal. If you have an art work, please send so I can use it on my blog. And that goes for everyone out there. I’ll take stories, youtube, photos, jokes etc.

  6. Blue Bayou, you’re paying more attention to hockey than I am. My heart just isn’t in it. I’m thinking about taking up heroin or bank robbery to fill in the gaps.

  7. I have a few pictures I am working on Dennis and one that you might get a real kick out of..but none that’ll be finished right away. I am getting a bit faster at it so it won’t take until the next Ice Age before I can send them.

    I’ll try to find those old goalie ones to send your way but they aren’t Habs though. One is the from the Blackhawks (Belfour I think) and the other is a Rangers one (can’t remember who though). I also have an old Andy Moog one…but it’s a Bruins pic. 🙁

    Here’s a Baseball pic I did for my uncle years ago (I would like to redo it actually…all I see are the mistakes):

    (This is Sandy Koufax of course)

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