Toe Blake Mistake

Over the years, card companies like O-Pee-Chee and Topps have slipped up in various ways, putting the wrong name on someone’s card or incorrect information listed and such, which hasn’t really affected the collecting aspect, but simply became conversation pieces more than anything else.

Both Bob Gainey and Serge Savard in different years had Doug Risebrough’s name listed below the photos. On Guy Lafleur’s rookie card, his name is spelled “La Fleur” and in another year Guy was listed as a defenceman. And in one of the most notorious examples of card error, Jacques Lemaire somehow managed to have a Buffalo Sabres uniform on when he never once played for the Sabres.

But the practice of screwing up dates way back, as you can see on this 1940’s gumball card. Toe Blake as a Chicago Black Hawk? Hah!

These weren’t normal gum cards. I believe they were dispensed from gumball machines, hence the name “gumball card.”

Here’s the other side of it.

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