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Up early today, checked last night’s scores and saw that Philadelphia edged the Rangers 2-1, Chicago beat St. Louis 3-2 in overtime, and Anaheim walloped Dallas 6-2.

Boston plays Detroit at 3:00 pm which of course I’ll watch. It’s a scouting mission for round two.

But none of that matters right now. Because today is the Classic Auctions Challenge, and I’ve got the pre-game jitters.

I’m hoping to score a big goal to help give my team the win and the prize of a day off with pay. But it’s a long way to the other end of the rink and I’m not sure I can skate that far.

And will my lingering question be answered, the one I lay in bed and considered as I tossed and turned and went over my moves.

Will I make it through without puking?

The game is less than four hours away and I want to get going. Guy Lafleur got to the rink early too.

On another note…

Luci and I went downtown yesterday, parked near St. Denis and Ste. Catherines, spent a fine afternoon where we bought tickets at the Theatre St. Denis box office for Steely Dan who are coming in August, sipped a beer at Jojo Blues Bar across the street, and walked around the eastern area of Ste. Catherines St. and enjoyed the sights and sounds.

I have no problem mingling with drunks and hookers and panhandlers. I feel a sort of bond with these folks. Not that they know it.

Below is my equipment. Very proud of my cardboard shin pads.





6 thoughts on “Today’s The Day”

  1. Good luck. Boston game about to start and some creeps at tsn radio not one betting mtl makes it past the next round! screw them! we will take boston if it takes seven. i figure if its the pruins and their thuggery team it’ll be bloody and maybe even good hockey!? why not. let’s say its them, we take them in 4! hahaha Why not Think Big never small.

  2. DK, when Marjo said go wide she didn’t mean that wide, what are you doing out on the river!?:-)

  3. May the force be with the smallish-yet-shifty right winger formerly of the Byers Bulldozers Bantam team!

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