To Score And Protect

Carey Price out for the series. Can there be any worse news?

Like I said yesterday, maybe Peter Budaj or Dustin Tokarski (or Devan Dubnyk?) can come in and be the story of the 2104 playoffs. A backup performance to end all backup performances.

All of a sudden I have an intense dislike for Chris Kreider, whether his crashing into Price was intentional or not. Maybe it was, I don’t know. And if it was, he jumps to the top of the villains list.

We can only hope and pray now. And as much as Budaj or Toker have to give the performance of their lives, it’s up to the rest of the team to not only help their backstopper, but start bulging the twine at the other end in a big way.

C’mon guys, give your goalie the lead. Then we’ll see what happens.


3 thoughts on “To Score And Protect”

  1. Yes Price is our best —TILL NOW!!! He always deflects praise away from himself also. Sooooooooo NOW is the time for history to repeat— Vachon, Dryden, Roy, Budaj and/or Toker!!! LET’sS GO GET ‘EM BOYS!!!A few open ice Emelins on Krieder equals no penalty and diminish his game. Have at it Habs

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