TJ Kemp Habs’ Newest Member

Bob Gainey must have a good reason for aquiring TJ Kemp. Because normally you’re not really interested in a minor leaguer who has played for six different minor league teams in the past, and who belonged to Pittsburgh for only a year before Montreal gave up a seventh-round draft pick for him.


Kemp’s a 5’11”, 197 pound defenceman, hailing from Pickering, Ontario, hometown of Sean Avery.


TJ Kemp is now property of the Montreal Canadiens. Is this because Ryan O’Byrne hasn’t done the job?

4 thoughts on “TJ Kemp Habs’ Newest Member”

  1. Gainey got Kemp for a reason. I just haven’t thought of it yet. Except that you’re right. Maybe it’s all about a move.

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