Tipping…….Plus Plante

Even Powell River is getting in on the warm summer action. It’s about time. Goodness knows, I’ve whined long and hard up until now.

I have a question about tipping, plus a Jacques Plante clip I’m sure you’ve already seen, but no matter.

First, the question:

If a hotel in Los Angeles arranges for a driver to pick you up at the airport (he’ll hold up your name on a sign and help with the luggage) for a flat fee of $70.00, are you supposed to tip him? Or is part of the $70 already going to him? (As a comparison, taxis are a minimum of $50 and could rise swiftly).

I’ve only asked one person so far, and he says no to the tipping.

While I’m at it, I disagree with tip jars on counters where all the person is doing is ringing in the money.

Now, Jacques Plante.

5 thoughts on “Tipping…….Plus Plante”

  1. I took that same cab arrangement once and tipped him but I can’t remember if there was a flat fee arranged beforehand. i think I would tip again although I can understand why someone might think twice.

    As for the tip jar….ridiculous.

  2. I always thought tipping was based on how pretty and how flirty the woman is and how loaded I am.

    The Plante video shows how much hockey has changed. He had to fight to be allowed some protection from broken teeth, jaw and nose. Now goaltenders are resisting the introduction of safety standards on masks designed to reduce concussions.

  3. When I saw the word tipping. I thought you must be talking about cattle tipping at first. I was going to tell you about all the intricacies of cattle tipping. Must be the small town farm boy in me.

  4. Jesse, what’s cattle tipping? I remember years ago I was driving a semi through southern Alberta and I saw a dead cow in a field on his back with all four legs sticking straight up. It was the weirdest thing.

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