Tinordi And Dumont Did Their Part

The Canadiens have sent Jarred Tinordi and Gabriel Dumont back to Hamilton after what I feel was a nice showing by both guys. The huge Tinordi played a conservative game, which was to be expected and certainly how he would have been asked to play, and seemed reasonably comfortable in his role. Dumont showed that he has some fire, skated like mad, and didn’t seemed to mind getting his nose a bit dirty in scrums and in corners.

If you were 5’10” and trying to make an impression, the smartest thing you could do is skate like mad and get your nose dirty. Imagine if you didn’t? You’d be just another Scott Gomez.

I’ll miss Tinordi’s size (6’6, 218) on the blueline. I liked seeing that. It’s always nice to have a giant among a group that is a bit shy in this department, but Tinordi really could have impressed if he’d scrapped with a few big guys on other teams. Did some damage. Had everyone talking about him. But it might not be in his makeup and I think if I were him, I’d take some boxing lessons and reinvent myself as a terror on ice.

And if he’s not already married, hook up with a nasty bitch who makes life miserable at home, and at the rink he’ll want to pulverize scalpers and parking lot attendants before he even gets inside.

A happy home can be good, and an unhappy one might be good too.

The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs says that Brandon Prust is finally ready to go and should be in the lineup Saturday when the Rangers come to town. Yannick Weber also seems ready, and maybe he should reinvent himself too. Add an edge to his game whether he’s comfortable with it or not. We’re talking about a job that pays millions of dollars, so c’mon Weber, stick your nose in and bruise someone’s knuckles from time to time. The coach will love it.

And anyway, those two-week paychecks have to be better than aspirin.





2 thoughts on “Tinordi And Dumont Did Their Part”

  1. I’m so happy to be wrong about Prust’s injury. I read too much into the fact that the team removed his expected return status, yet left it for Weber who was equally past his expected return date.

    The Canadiens have also called up Nathan Beaulieu to see what he can do. Therrien must really not want to play Kaberle. If only there were GMs like Gainey or Gauthier out there rushing to trade for him.

  2. Chris, I heard he’ll be Gomezed pretty soon and are keeping him a healthy scratch for a buy out.

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