Time To Trick The Team. I Should’ve Thought Of This Before

I’ve been after the Canadiens before to let me be stick boy Shot down by Sam Pollock, and I bugged them a couple of years ago to let me skate around the ice before the game like those little kids we see now.

All to no avail, of course. They don’t care about me. It’s obvious.

But I’ve got a plan. I’m going to trick the bastards.

I have these four different types of blank Canadiens letterhead sheets, and I’m thinking I’ll simply type a little letter saying Dennis Kane is allowed to be stick boy for one game or skate around the rink for one game, fire one of the sheets into the printer, print it up and forge Geoff Molson or Pierre Gauthier’s name on it! Then I’ll just show up with letter in hand and on some Saturday night when the boys are destroying the Bruins or Leafs, you’ll see me handing a new stick over the boards to one of our guys and the crowd will ooh and awe at the speed of my stick delivery.

Or watch with envy as I skate effortlessly around the ice in my Habs uniform, carrying the flag and waving at the chicks.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.

7 thoughts on “Time To Trick The Team. I Should’ve Thought Of This Before”

  1. Ooooh that’s a flawless plan! And please, punch Ovechkin if he sprinkles you with snow while you’re waving your flag during the habs intro. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Grrreg, I’m pretty proud of my plan. And if Ovechkin does this………baff, pow

  3. Dennis, you’ll be thirsty after all that hard work. Let me be your sponsor for 6 beers for the night. The next 6 beers need another sponsor. I’m sure one of your other fine readers will pick up the call!

  4. Diane, I’m sure liking your idea. Six beers here, six beers there. I can feel the hangover already!

  5. Sorry Dennis I can’t offer you the next 6 pack. I don’t want to risk being responsible for you forgetting the stick-boy experience and the pummelling you dished out. Instead you can count on me for some hair of the dog the next morning. I’m also hoping to learn your tricks and forge myself a letter to get me in with the wives.

  6. can i be your roadie and carry your skates in for the pre-game skate? it always looks impressive to have your people do the little things for you. i don’t think ralph backstrom carries his own skates……….. of course excellent seats for the game would cover me out.

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