Time To Sink Their Teeth Into The NY Rangers. That Means Kovy Of Course.

  With the New York Rangers in town Thursday to lose to the Habs, I thought I’d show you this nice picture of Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

Oh, sorry, that’s Gump Worsley, who joined the Canadiens in 1963 when he part of a major deal involving him, Dave Balon, Leon Rochefort, and Len Ronson going to Montreal, for Jacques Plante, Phil Goyette, and Don Marshall.


When the Gumper was with the Rangers, he was asked by a reporter which team gave him the most trouble. He answered, “the Rangers.” 


Other important things to note about the Rangers:


Alex Kovalev was one once. He was drafted in the first round by them (15th overall) in 1991 and played until early into the 1998 season. How great would it be if he broke out of his massive slump against his old team?


Sean Avery was also a Ranger. He joined them after playing for both the Detroit Red Wings and the LA Kings. The Rangers were a sloppy third.


They’ve got two guys from Anchorage, Alaska – Scott Gomez and Brandon Dubinsky, for what it’s worth.


They have 36 points to the Habs 32, but have played three more games than Montreal.


Their lineup consists of 8 Canadians, 6 Americans, and 8 Euros. Many of them like women.




5 thoughts on “Time To Sink Their Teeth Into The NY Rangers. That Means Kovy Of Course.”

  1. I’m surprised Geoffrion wasn’t in that one. But I guess he was traded for Lou Fontinato? I know I could search for it myself, but I’m betting that you want to answer. 🙂

  2. Doug Harvey was traded for Fontinato in 1961. Harvey became player-coach in NY but didn’t like it because, as he said, it was hard for the boys to go one way and he’d have to go the other.”

    Fontinato was as tough and as hardrock as any in the league and once had his neck broken in a game.

    Geoffrion came out of retirement to play for the Rangers. He had retired because he thought he should have been captain instead of Beliveau.
    I personlly don’t hold this against Geoffrion because I think he was a very proud man, and he honestly felt slighted.

  3. Dennis,

    I think the tuffest part on Fontinato’s body would be his nose, After the donnie-brook he had with Mr Hockey in 1959 at MSG im surprised Fontinato Doesnt have the same nose issue as Michael Jackson.

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