Time To Put The Brakes On Before It Gets Worse

I just couldn’t get overly-excited watching the Habs-Caps game after seeing the Canada-US gold medal dazzler only minutes before, and maybe because its 1:30 in the morning and I should be in bed might have something to do with it. But I watched it with my thumb on the fast-forward button, and I saw a disappointing 4-2 loss to Washington. And the Habs were not only badly out-shot, but they’ve managed only two goals over the last two games now, which is the part I’m least excited about.

When you don’t score and are badly outshot, it generally means you’re going to lose. It’s not the greatest recipe for winning.

It’s time to regroup. The Canadiens had a great road trip, going six and one, but the one-nothing stinker to Buffalo after that, and now this 4-2 loss has them spinning their tires. They came off that good stretch and now they’re only another loss or two from being in a slump.

Funny how that goes, eh?

And they can start their regrouping by putting together some solid wins in the four-game home stand that they’re about to enjoy. Florida, New Jersey, Dallas and Ottawa all visit the Bell Centre next, and it’s time to score some goals. Because suddenly, Tomas Plekanec has become quiet, and so has everyone else. They were exploding and firing on all cylinders only just recently and fans had big smiles on their faces. Now things have become slightly disturbing with the guns quiet, and the smiles have disappeared.

It’s a roller coaster season for the Habs and Habs fans, and now it’s time to straighten the tracks. We prefer our roller coasters at amusement parks.

8 thoughts on “Time To Put The Brakes On Before It Gets Worse”

  1. Hey Dennis;After watching the world juniors play hockey,any other hockey is in slow motion.The only negative statement I could make about the junior game is I dislike the outcome.These young guys give it all they have,they compete against each other like they invented the word .I just wish that all hockey could be played with that intensitty.It was a pleasure to view and a reminder of what to look forward to next year.

  2. i hear there were only 15,000 in Saskatoon and those kids really always get up for it and the habs always play in front of same frenzied fans and they can’t get up for it. I think we need to send the habs to a gmae like this and remind them what energy and desire is. On the plus side, I do like Lapierre’s newfounf energy. He actually fought and really put out some good hits. His mean side is coming out. Good for him. Will be good to have O’Byrne back (did I really say that?). Hope all is ok with his family. He has a pretty good meanness about him this year. I agree that Thomas has been pretty much invisible, as has Gionta and Cammilieri. Wher’d they go. Gomez has outshone them. markoz has remained consistent. I really think Halak has to play. Price is good but Gainey can kill Halak’s desire by favouring price too much. Our giveaways and inability to maintain possession is killing us. Hope they can turn it around, too much talent on this team to give up. Call up Subban and sit Gill or mara for a few. Very frustrating.

  3. Mayo, have I offered you a GM job when I become owner? If I haven’t, I am now. I don’t think they can rush Subban, though. They already have more than enough defencemen and I think they should take things nice and slow with this young buck. It’s the goal scorers I’m concerned about but maybe they’ll explode next game.

  4. thanks Dennis. I am too emotional and would do a worse job than JFJ in TO (or is that possible? – apparently not). I was too hard on habs D and Carey in previous post. He couldn’t be faulted on 3 of the 4 goals but one he should have had. One goal went off Gill. Scoring is the biggest problem. These guys can score, they just need to get into a zone which likely comes from confidence or something intangible like that. They’ve tasted winning with this new team and they’ll get the taste going again hopefully soon. I remember at the beginning of the year, the Leaf fans were ‘leafing’ at us saying ‘we’re too small’ and ‘the habs will not make the playoffs this year’ but now they have changed their tune saying we’ll do no better than 8th place. We are a playoff bound team with a helluva PP and an effective PK. Goaltending is good too. Don’t you love this game?

  5. Yeah, Mayo, those wild and crazy Leafs. And hopefully Pleks and Cammalleri and the boys get going again and that the last two games was just some kind of weird planetary thing. Only time will tell. And should we trade Halak? It’s the burning question.

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