Time To Punch The Clock With The Pens In Town

It’s back to business tonight for the Montreal Canadiens after another too-long, four-day coffee break, so players shouldn’t be tired as they host the Pittsburgh Penguins. I guess now with this break Jacques Martin will be able to play Carey Price for another 30 games or so before the goalie hits another wall.

The problem is, rest or no rest, a couple of defencemen are ailing (Josh Gorges and Roman Hamrlik), and the Penguins are playing fine hockey while the Canadiens…….not so much. Pittsburgh sits atop the Eastern Conference with 55 points, while Montreal is barely holding on the eighth and final playoff spot ten points back of the Penguins.

Ten points in this era of parity is gigantic.

How beautiful would it be to see the Habs beat Pittsburgh tonight? Two huge points, a confidence-builder if there ever was one, a win that says, yes, we can beat anyone when we play our game, and we can win with injuries.

And we do have the Wiz now and we’re assuming he’ll continue to make an impact like he has in his first three games as a Hab (two goals, three assists).

But we won’t win if certain guys, not mentioning any names, are just going through the motions. Everyone knows who they are. There’s a guy from Belarus. And another who came over in the Latendresse trade. And a good old Saskatchewan boy who’s tough but is playing like he’s worried he’ll damage a fingernail.

To not name a few.

We’ve all worked with people like this in our daily lives – get through the shift with as little effort as possible and have no problem accepting a paycheque at the end. Heck, I’ve done it, but only because of a hangover or two.

Hopefully that’s not the case with these fellows.

If Montreal beats Pittsburgh on this night, they’ll have earned five of six points in their last three games, and that could be enough to convince themselves their slide is now history. But certainly we need all hands on deck.

C’mon boys…make our day. Earn your money.

14 thoughts on “Time To Punch The Clock With The Pens In Town”

  1. How do you get them to score even strength goals. Shouldn’t JM know how to do this? i think there is a communication problem here. There shouldn’t be cause these ‘men’ are ‘professionals.’ Anyways, $50+ millions worth of assets should be enough to buy 2 points. I think we’re getting ripped off. Leadership! Maybe we need a HBO special. The worse part of that special was Boudreau’s whiny swearing and great big round gut.

  2. Dennis, the Pens will have to punch their clock without Sidney Crosby tonight. RDS’s Renaud Lavoi reports he will be out with an upper-body injury.

  3. Hey,Mayo, And I thought I had a gut. Boudreau makes me look almost normal. That HBO thing was interesting, I felt. I’d love to see a Habs version.

  4. That’s good news, Danno. I doubt any Pens fan felt bad when Markov went down so we should rejoice when Crosby is out. And we’ll take two points any way we can.

  5. Good. Cooke is one of my least-favourite enemies. He injures people and we don’t need any more of that. Thanks.

  6. Crap! Pierre Gauthier just held a news conference to announce that Josh Gorges will be out for “season-ending knee surgery”.

  7. Danno, I feel it’s all going to work out with the defence. I can’t explain it. And thank goodness Gauthier grabbed Wiz when he did. Another one like him would be nice. I’m at work now and won’t see the game until later, but that’s fine. When I come home I’ll watch the boys kick some Penguins ass. Power of positive thinking kicking into overdrive.

  8. Gorges out for the year explains why Gauthier needed to get The Wiz. I wasn’t a big fan of the trade for yet another UFA defenceman. Hopefully Gauthier will work harder at re-signing The Wiz than The Hammer.

  9. Cammy is starting to piss me off with his lacksadaisical approach. Moen too. Almost invisible. We are lucky to get those two. Price may have his mojo back.

  10. Christopher, Wiz seems a great fit and I hope he’s resigned. These guys who can hit, shoot, and score are nice to have. Hammer’s pretty slow now and relies on experience. So he’s valuable but not not perfect. But really slow and getting slower.

  11. Mayo, Cammy is not impressive at all. Not like last year. I think many of us are losing some patience with him. Moen is asleep and I don’t get it.

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