Time To Get Him Signed

Marc Bergevin has had a day to pinch himself and realize what just happened, and now it’s time to get down to business. And signing Carey Price is a big part of getting down to business.

Price is going to want a substantial raise from the $3 million he made this year (Price signed a two year, $5.5 million deal in 2010) and when you see Marc-Andre Fleury in Pittsburgh pulling in $5.5 this year, Tim Thomas $5 million, Henrik Lundqvist $6.8, Ryan Miller $6.2, and Roberto Luongo $6.7, you know Price is going to want at least a couple of million tacked on to what he earns now, along with a nice, secure long-term deal that will keep him happy for the next half dozen years or so.

But regardless. It has to be done, I hope it goes smoothly, and both sides walk away with big smiles for a job well done.

Thanks to Beatnik for the Price highlight package.

18 thoughts on “Time To Get Him Signed”

  1. Damn, I keep forgetting how young Price is. He’s still only 23 years old, I’ve got T-shirts older than that. Since he’s still a couple years away from being a UFA, the Molson vault may not have to be blown open just yet. However he will get a personal tour of the vault and get to call dibs on the big stash in the corner.

    The problem of course is the $7.37M cap hit that is suffocating us. I’m worried it won’t go away until Buttman decides how to screw over the hardworking players in the new CBA. He needs to make up for his incompetence of putting teams where they don’t belong and for the owners giving huge long term contracts to a few overrated washed up undeserving players.

  2. Chris, I think it’s more complicate than that. If he’s not happy with the team’s offer, he can hang around for a couple of years with a smaller raise and then seek the open market. So both the team and him are probably going to want a nice raise and a long-term deal.Bergevin is going to have to be careful.There can be no bitterness involved.

  3. They’ll probably sign him to the same deal that Rinne got from Nashville.

    I am pretty sure they will send Gomez to Hamilton or try to trade him so that will free up a hell of a lot of space. What would be nice as well is if we could get rid of Kaberle and Bourque’s salaries as well and go for some big free-agent signings this summer: someone like Parise (although please don’t go overboard trying to sign him).

    Next summer Crosby’s contract is up. I would love to see them try to get him but I doubt that would happen.

    Apparently Markov said that if Subban is re-signed then there will be “problems” in the room. That’s a bit of a worry.

  4. Holy crap,did Markov actually say that? That is not good.

    I think the first thing Marc does is get rid of Gomez. I would rather pay Price than him. Carey, being an Aboriginal boy is a dream come true for him and his Dad. On Indian Reserves, you’re either a Habs fan or a Canucks fan. I think Montreal is Carey place to place because his dad probably idolized them growing up. It’ll bring him the most pride staying here to please Dad. I can only imagine being brought by Price thru the dressing room and Habs events and meeting these gods who are mostlyall over 65+. Priceless.

    I think he staysfor at least another ten years. Subban is a concern though and with a new knee injury yet? Can’t wait to seeif this Jared Tinordi is ready this year.

  5. Darth, there’s been mention before on Canadian Press that Markov isn’t a big fan of PK. We really don’t need problems in the dressing room and I hope it’s not the case here.
    Here’s the Google translation of a French article from CP about a month ago:

    Brossard, QC – During a day of balance where most players have played the card of optimism for next season, saying the Canadian was only a few changes to become a team hood to a place in the series, Andrei Markov went there a discordant note.

    And it’s not by what he says but by what he has not said that the Russian defenseman has left everyone with question marks when you boot the summer holidays to the Canadiens.

    Markov caused this small shockwave when he refused to comment on evolution as PK Subban player this season. While most athletes would have gone to a compliment or two of use, even if it means they have to do lip service, the veteran of 33 years has flatly refused to answer. Not once, but twice.

    “Next question,” he responded when a reporter asked him unreservedly what he thought about the progression of Subban.

    “You do not want to talk about Subban?” Returned to the charge the journalist to make sure she had heard correctly.

    “No,” replied Markov without aggression, but a firm tone.

    Markov often used to launch “next question” the caller who invites him to talk about a subject that ails. This season, however, only happened when addressing his personal and his health. The fact that he refuses to answer this way about a teammate suggests that something fishy. Usually, when asked mundane questions like that, it will still attempt to answer, but if sometimes clumsy way, searching for words.

    This reaction may restart Markov rumors to the effect that Subban is not the most popular player in the locker room, because of his attitude to the internal as well as his temerity and nonchalance periodicals on the ice. This is a record of more qu’auront to manage the new CEO and the successor to Randy Cunneyworth to the position of head coach.

  6. I guess we shall see what happens. Bergevin seems a like a decent guy and his attitude seems to be that the team as a whole has to be a unit and if you’re not a part of it or are unwilling (or you’re a floater) then you shouldn’t be here.

    The only issue I see here is that PK is our future and Markov may not be. If things come down to it (and things are actually bad) then I wonder if Markov would be shipped away?

    There are ideas that Rick Dudley may be coming here. I would love to see Robinson back. I want him to coach our defence.

  7. Darth, I’m anxious to know if there’s a real problem between Markov and Subban. I sure hope not. If you hear more, please let me know. And yes, I’d love to see Robinson back too.

  8. I would love to see Robinson behind the bench, but he doesn’t seem too keen on getting back in to coaching. He would be great for such a young defensive core. And the drama between Markov and Subban has been going on for a while – it’s probably a lot of media hype, but Markov should find a way to get along, Subban is worth more than him by a longshot! And can’t wait to see what Bergevin can do – think he looks like a solid hire!

  9. And what’s up with Markov? He’s supposed to be a veteran and a leader on this team? Judging by the comments he supposedly made – he’s not much of a leader at all. Considering he’s barely played in 2 seasons, i’d take Subban over him any day. Grow up Markov! Be a leader and set an example!

  10. Lady in League, the last thing we need is dissention on the team, and you’re right, Markov is supposed to be above this. Subban is young guy who needs probably to mature a great deal, but he has a chance to become a superstar and god knows we a need superstars on the Habs. I’m so curious to find out more about all this. Is Markov really making waves, or has some radio fellow, or whoever, started up something on a slow news day? I echo your thoughts – grow up Markov and be a leader.

  11. Lady in League, Robinson commands so much respect, and young guys would listen. The candidates I hear about include Alain Vigneault, Marc Crawford, Michel Therrien, and Patrick. But surely there must be others who might make us excited.

  12. One person I don’t want behind the bench is Roy. That’s asking for trouble.

    My dream would be Mike Babcock but I doubt it would ever happen.

  13. Darth, I’m with you. I never want to see Patrick there. Babcock would be great, and money talks. But does he speak French?

  14. DK, I sense a bit of jeolousy with Markov, he’s out for almost two years and all the attension is focused on PK and I feel he resents not being seen as the Alfa D-Man. Just my humble opinion.

  15. Babcock supposedly only speaks a tiny bit of French (if even) so we better not get our hopes up. It would be an amazing choice but it probably won’t happen because of the stupid language issues.

    It’ll probably end up being Crawford or Hartley or someone along those lines (unless someone from the AHL or someplace is found).

  16. Darth, yes, I forgot about Hartley but his name has come up often and lately too.

  17. Could be , Mike. I don’t like to see it and it’s all we need after going through this past season.

  18. Given the alternatives I hope Mike is right. If Markov is feeling jealous, the best solution is for him to step up and return to being the perennial all-star and Norris candidate he used to be. That was the on-ice leadership that made him an alternate captain.
    It’s when Subban gets into fights with players like Plekanec and Desharnais that I worry. And if Gorges ever starts having issues with him then we’re in deep trouble.
    When Koivu left, Markov was the obvious replacement, but he didn’t want the responsibility. So now when asked about Subban he should give a rehearsed stereotypical answer and leave the rest for Gionta and Gorges.
    And back to the original post, it appears Subban and Price get along very well and keeping Price happy is very important.

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