Tim Thomas Moving On

Tim Thomas is taking a year off. A year at least. The Bruins or some other team, like Toronto, will have to decide at some later date if they want a chubby, slow, ultra-conservative prick to stop pucks for them. If he decides to return, that is.

Maybe he’ll hook up with a KHL team. Hah! That would be like Nikita Khrushchev moving to Haight-Ashbury.

But why is Thomas doing this?

“I just thought that I could travel around the country promoting hockey and peace on earth,” said Thomas. “I have Sean Avery to help me, and I’m hoping Scott Gomez can find the time to come along and show kids how to shoot and score. I’m also excited to announce that I’m now in negotiations with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to join my team and spread the message of love.”

I can hear Bruins fans now speaking in angry-yet-intelligent tones. “F^%$#@* you, Kane, you #$&^%$.  Ken Dryden took a year off when he was with the Habs and you don’t mention that. So what’s the difference, you %#$&* scum-sucking #$*&^%?”

And you’re right, Bruins fans. Sorry. But please don’t lump Thomas in with Ken Dryden. It’s just not right.

Footnote and reminder to Bruins fans.

Dryden was drafted by the Bruins in 1964 but shortly after, Boston traded him and Alex Campbell to Montreal for Guy Allen and Paul Reid.


15 thoughts on “Tim Thomas Moving On”

  1. Fantastic rumor started here first. Tim Thomas for Roberto Luongo. I told a buddy of mine a bruin fan and he nearly drove off the road today. This will never happen but it is nice to dream.

  2. Dennis, Tim Thomas is just being a turd again. He doesn’t really want the year off. Like you said his contract drops down from $5 M to $3 M so what he really wants is someone to offer him more money to flip and flop and accidentally stop pucks with his big butt. The Bruins should sue him for breach of contract. But maybe that’s what Timmy wants so he can act like he’s the victim.

  3. Hi Dennis,

    Just wanted to comment on Dryden taking a year off; he did it because you needed to do a year of internship to get your law degree. That seems like a valid reason in my book. If he had taken a year off just to spend time with friends and family I think he would’ve been run out of town pretty quickly!

    There also wasn’t a CBA in place with a clause for players over 35 where his salary would still count against the cap. If he wants time off so bad, at 38, why not just retire?

    Love reading the blog! Keep it up!

    Go Habs go!

  4. Ed, thanks. Yes, Dryden went from $80,000 a year to about $200 a week. He felt at the time that he deserved more that 80 but Sam Pollock stood firm. So Dryden articled at a law firm instead. Pretty ballsy, but it’s to be admired.
    And you, bet. Thomas should have just retired. He’s also a great example of how different goalies can be.

  5. DK, stopped by a farm today & took a close look at a horses pattuty & to my surprise Tim Thomas was looking back at me!!!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  6. dra58, no way. The Canucks are totally happy with Cory Schneider being there and about to be the number one guy. Schneider and Thomas together wouldn’t work. And besides, Thomas seems like he’s burnt out or something.

  7. The GOP announced today that as soon as Timmy takes the requirement test and fails to name any of the founding fathers, can’t tell you what the Bush doctrine is and doesn’t know Hawaii is a state, Mitt Romney, the Mormon Republican candidate for president will install him as his running mate and candidate for VP to secure the teabagger endorsement. It is rumoured Timmy will add Ted Nugent and Hank Jr. to the team.

  8. The beauty of this is that Boston’s own playoff hero from last year is seriously screwing them over. This can be one epic screwjob.

    Some rumors seem to say that this is merely a trade issue and that he’s doing this so he can dictate where he is traded to. Problem number one: this is seriously deflating his trade value so the B’s may be forced to trade him somewhere he’s ok with but at a severely reduced rate of return. The team would be doing the B’s a favor, so there goes all the bargaining power they have.

    The other issue is that they are very tight for cash and they need to sign a few people and get Rask signed before another team gives him a better offer they can’t match. So they may lose someone there as well as Thomas, who they’d still have to pay for sitting home and doing nothing.

    As things turn around for us, we may be able to have many many laughs at Boston’s expense over this!

  9. It’s nice to think that Thomas is screwing the Bruins of $5M of cap space but I don’t think so. If Thomas doesn’t show up to training camp, the Bruins will suspend him so he won’t count against the cap. Basically the same as Radulov when he skipped out on Nashville. Radulov was a greedy ass, Thomas is a political ass.

    Thomas thinks by taking a year off, he’ll be better rested and able to compete at the 2014 Olympics. As if the US will want a washed up lunatic when they can have any of Quick, Miller, Schneider, Anderson, Johnson, Bishop, etc. Or he just wants out of Boston which is one of the most politically sane regions of the country, when they’re not being a bunch of drunken buffoons.

  10. I believe that due to his age his salary will count against the cap regardless of if he’s suspended or not. I think in the current agreement if you sign a player who is over 35, you have his cap hit on your books regardless if he plays or not or retires, etc. I think Philly is up the creek with this rule as well because of Pronger.

    Most people seem to agree that he is no longer a Bruin. That’s the big thing. If they lose him and Rask this summer? Ouch. Better them than us!

  11. Darth I think you and Mike are correct. The Bruins may be able to save Thomas’s $3M salary but they’re on the hook for the full $5M cap hit unless they can trade him. Suckers.

  12. This might be a very nice gift that Thomas has given us Christopher – a very nice gift! 🙂

    Therrien is our new coach. This should be very interesting. Hmm.

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