Tim Hortons Opens Its Doors In PR

Yes indeed, Powell River’s very first Tim Hortons opened its doors today and we were there. The place was packed.

And because this is a Habs blog, I can say that Horton played 24 years in the NHL, 1446 games, none of which were with the Montreal Canadiens. He was strong as an ox and tough to get around, but I’m sure Ralph Backstrom and Henri Richard zipped by him on several occasions.

9 thoughts on “Tim Hortons Opens Its Doors In PR”

  1. Congratulations Powell River on your first Tim Hortons! If I didn’t know better I would have thought this was a Rick Mercer Talking To Americans skit.

  2. The CBC should give you a show, they don’t seem to mind borrowing stories from you.

    The Tim Horton’s store locator is fun
    It maxes out at finding 30 locations

    There are 30 locations within 3.62 to 4.43 km from my homes in Hamilton, where both Tim’s and I started. There are only 10 within 5 km and 30 within 10.60 km of my home in Pickering. There are about 30 within 5 km of the various places I lived in Waterloo. Too much beer to remember exactly where. Now in Ottawa I have 23 within 5 km and 30 within 6.54 km.

  3. Dennis, your Olympic training diet now includes donuts as your main food. And beer as your main beverage.

  4. Danno, here’s the deal. Tim Hortons is right across the street from my favourite pub, and these two are about a quarter of a kilometre from my house. So I thought I’d train for the 2012 Olympics by walking this big distance for a doughout and several beer, and in a year or so start on the rings.

  5. Perfect, all elite athletes load up on carbs before a big event. And don’t forget the coffee. For optimal results a sugar high needs to be paired with caffeine.

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