Tidbits From A Happy Habs Fan

Just change the name from Guy Lafleur to Mike Cammalleri and TV Guide has a new cover story.

I want to clear something up. I think Tomas Plekanec is doing a fine job of pissing off Sidney Crosby and keeping him mostly off the score sheet. But I also think Pleks could be finding the twine a little more because he’s one of the Habs’ big offensive guns. Maybe I can’t have it both ways. But wouldn’t it be nice if he did both?

From a poll conducted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Are you concerned or confident about the Penguins playing a Game 7 in their series with the Canadiens? 71% said concerned, 29% are confident.

Heard on Vancouver radio the other day: Luongo has to be Halak-like if the Canucks want to continue.

After seeing Alex Ovechkin in the first series and Sidney Crosby now, who do you pick? Crosby’s got all that skill, but Ovie doesn’t whine as much.

Howie Meeker said small guys have to be the first star to compete with big guys. Mike Cammalleri was first star.

Cammalleri has also embraced the pressure cooker of being a Montreal Canadien and all that goes with it, and I’ve never been able to figure out why more players don’t want any part of this. Daniel Briere, Brendan Shanahan, and a thousand others have chosen teams over the Habs – teams and cities where they are a non-entity as soon as they put on their street clothes. To me, if you want to be a big-time hockey player, you should want to play in the real deal. And that, of course, is Montreal.

If Detroit considers themselves Hockeytown, then Montreal is Hockey Universe.

Maybe now that players from other teams watch the magic unfolding, they might be more than willing now to don the bleu, blanc et rouge if lucky enough to be offered.

Diane S. in Boston who recently won the Hockey Canada contest, says this site has the nicest readers out there. I agree. But it wasn’t always like this. A couple of years ago I had a regular reader who, although extemely long-winded, possessed a good hockey mind and offered comments almost daily. But he came down hard on every single person who was brave enough to also comment. People stopped coming back after he nailed them to the wall once too often, and finally, after one particular vicious comment from him about someone else, I deleted him and he’s now long gone. And see what’s become of it? In my opinion, the nicest and smartest bunch I could ask for, and I can’t say enough about everybody. It’s what I’d hoped my blog would become. Thank you.

20 thoughts on “Tidbits From A Happy Habs Fan”

  1. A big cyber group hug goes out to you Dennis Kane from all your bloggers spread out from coast to coast and around the world.

    How would us crazy Habs fans ever get by without each other?

    And now Maxim at his maximum:



    Is it too soon for another Gaston moment?

  2. Dennis,
    Receipes and hockey talk keep your devoted fans coming back for more! Here’s an item to patent: A CH logo for your grilled cheese sandwiches for the games. I’ll bet it would be huge.

    One big happy family.

  3. Great, great site.

    Some of the most thoughtful and intelligent posts on any sports site.

  4. Hey Dennis et famille, You bet bro this is the better of all the blogs i’ve gone to. I kinda like the down to earth setting that is the frendliest way of doing it.We have come along way this season,through it all there have been believers and the not so believers.I think that your blog shows just what believing is about,carry on Kane it all looks good from here.

  5. Hey Dennis, Did you know my last name is Mann? Hard growing up in school with a name like that,kids were always asking me to bring milk to their house.

  6. Great post, Dennis. Love the tv guide and your suggestion to replace Guy with Mike for the modern touch.

    And, yeah, #14 is doing a very good job on our buddy Disney. Glad to hear you elaborate on that.

    Montreal is the Mecca of hockey, the Forum was the Cathedral and the Bell Centre is Bell Central.


  7. No more “Mr.Nice Guy Phil”. It’s gonna be “All up in yer bizness Phil” from now on.

    On a more serious note, I think this is the most enjoyable blog to be on, some of the others are controversial and people are hating on one another. I like the fact that every one respects each other and gives intelligent and insightful comments.

    This site isn’t getting the recognition that it deserves.

  8. Thanks, Phil. Maybe some day it will get more recognition. I just keep plugging away.

  9. Homme, I always thought the name Forum should have been incorporated, like the Bell Forum. But maybe I’m wrong. The Forum was then, and this is now.

  10. Being a newbie to this this site, you can’t help but see the class, which seperates the traditional Habs fan from the rest.
    May Gaston & all the posters here give our boys the needed edge tonite,
    should be a “memory bank” game 7, which lives in infamy for habs fans here & around the globe.

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