Thumbs Up To The Habs From A Habs-Hater

The best way to find out if the Habs have done a good job in blowing up the team and creating one that needs a new lineup card is to ask a hard-core non-Habs fan. Someone who would just as soon see the Canadiens go away and not come back. Someone who hopes the Canucks bury the Habs without mercy every time they play each other.

And that would be Jordy.

Jordy’s only in his early 20’s, but is serious student of the game, and that means he not only knows the ins-and-outs of now, but also of the players and teams which came before, from decades ago. Heck, he’s even trying to put together a set of 1952-53 hockey cards. He knows all about Aurele Joliat and Nels Stewart and Milt Schmidt and the others of days gone by, and I find it very impressive that a young fellow shows interest like that. He’s a real Canadian hockey fan, that’s for sure.

And when the Habs stunk out the joint last year, Jordy let it be known often on this site that they stunk, which of course cut like a knife listening to him. He saw all kinds of things wrong with the team.

But he was pretty well on the mark, even if he does have a real dislike (and that’s the polite term) for Alex Kovalev.

So I asked Jordy, first about ex-Canucks goalie and new Hab Curtis Sanford, and then about the new Habs in general.

“Sanford was a good backup goalie with the Canucks,” said Jordy. “Everytime he went in nets, he did his job. He’s a solid goaltender, and I remember how well he played when he replaced Luongo in the playoffs last year. He’s a good goalie. He only became available because they have Jason LaBarbera, who has much more NHL experience.”

“And I’m really impressed by all of Gainey’s moves. Mike Cammalleri will really help, and Gionta had a 48 goal season in New Jersey. He and Gomez might really be dangerous. Everything Gainey’s done has been good and I wish Mike Gillis (Canucks GM) would learn something from all that’s gone on in Montreal. For sure, I’m hoping to grab some Habs in my pool this year.”

This comes from a guy who dislikes the Habs as much as anybody. So have faith, Habs fans. If someone like Jordy, who really knows his hockey, thinks the Canadiens are going to be strong, and believes Gainey did a lot of good things, then certainly we should be believing and thinking so too.

And imagine a Habs-hater talking like this? It’s unheard of.

5 thoughts on “Thumbs Up To The Habs From A Habs-Hater”

  1. Thanks for that Dennis. But I did make a mistake when telling you one thing about Curtis Sanford the other day. It wasnt him who replaced Luongo in a play off game a few years ago, it was Danny Sabourin. But I’ve seen Sanford play live and have seen him play in every game he got a chance to with the canucks and like I said before he is a quality back up goaltender.

  2. Oh come on! How can a guy who cheers for the Canucks have any sense or credibility to offer an opinion on what Bob Gainey has done? Ha ha just kidding, I’ve always liked the Canucks and it’s to Jordy’s credit that he can voice an objective critique on a team that he doesn’t like. What do you think Dennis, could you do the same for the Leafs?

  3. Never in a million years could I do that about the Leafs. Unless the Leaf fan I’m talking to is a Hell’s Angel, then I might say nice things.

  4. I don’t hate the Leafs, but still, how hard can it be to objectively critique them? They suck now, they’ve basically sucked my entire life and will probably continue sucking for the remainder. Maybe I could hate them if they were a bit better, but until then, they’re just lovable losers.

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