Thrills And Spills At The Bell As Habs Roll On

Sometimes paying customers don’t get their money’s worth when they take their dates to the big game. It can be an uneventful two or three hours for sure, and can make chess look like a Stones concert. I guess that’s when alcohol sales go up.

Wasn’t uneventful tonight, though.

The Habs got it done against the pesky New York Islanders with a lovely 5-3 win that saw a shorthanded goal, a nasty fight, several goal posts hit, and a penalty shot. An interesting, hard-fought battle with the right outcome.

So don’t bother knockin’ at trailers that’ll be rockin’. Habs win their sixth in nine games and there should be more than just kisses on cheeks tonight for fans of the good guys. 

At least you would think. On the other hand, I’ll be a work.

Tomas Plekanec was flying, Andrei Kostitsyn scored again and added an assist, and wouldn’t it have been nice to see Benoit Pouliot either score when he went in alone as he was being tripped, or on the following penalty shot called because of the trip?

Pouliot hit the post as he was sent sprawling, and was certainly less effective on the penalty shot when he saw an opening and shot. But these are NHL goalies and they stop shots like this in their sleep. Like Dwayne Roloson did in this case.

Would’ve been nice, though.

Random Notes:

The TSN panel was at it again, going on about whether Jaroslav Halak should have been traded. Shouldn’t they be concentrating more on how well Carey Price is playing? It almost makes a Hab fan hope that Halak bombs in St. Louis.

If only Lars Eller can get going and make the trade look a little better so these guys in the studio can be muzzled once and for all.

Plekanec set up Travis Moen in one the nicest shorthanded goals you’ll ever see as Pleks steamed down the ice, put the puck right on Moen’s tape, and in the net it went.

Moen also went nose to nose with Islanders’ tough guy Zenon Konopka after James Wisniewski was drilled into the boards and Moen got his licks in against the goon. At the risk of repeating myself, our prairie boy needs to play with this kind of fire every night.

Mathieu Darche opened the scoring and Moen, Plekanec, Jeff Halpern, and Kostitsyn with the big insurance marker in the empty net were the Habs scorers on this night. Still no Gionta or Gomez. Patience has never been one of my strong suits.

PK Subban, in my opinion, played maybe his finest game so far.

Next up: Friday on Long Island to meet these same Islanders. Judging by the stickwork and grouchiness seen tonight, maybe the kids should be put to bed early so they don’t see the violence.

My wife felt bad for James Wisniewski when he was slammed into the boards by Moen until I explained to her about his incident with Sean Avery when he simulated oral sex. After that she wanted bad things for him and wondered what his parents thought of it and what his kids will think of it when they’re older and see film clips.

Shots on goal – 35-21 for the Habs.

15 thoughts on “Thrills And Spills At The Bell As Habs Roll On”

  1. I’m just so happy we won. Can’t give those Leafs lovers anything to be happy about. The race for 1st in the East is tight and I’d like the Habs to keep winning, and eventually beat Toronto so that we don’t have to worry about that tie breaker situation (thanks to which we end up being out of the top 3 even if we have the same amount points as those Leafs). Though really, right now is the time to enjoy crazy standings changes. But I can’t help but worry.

    Go Habs go!

  2. Dennis, we’re number one in the conference and tied with Nashville for first place in the league (although Nashville has a game in hand over us).

    And we’re winning even without Markov. And the rest of the team is pulling out victories in spite of Gionta, Cammalleri and Gomez not playing up to their full potential.

    And Price is the league’s leading goaltender for wins at 6-2-1. He is getting into a zone now and is looking solid and is getting the job done, even when the going gets rough like it did in the third period when it was 4-3.

    Holding the fort is something Price seems to be enjoying now. I don’t see the jitters that buggered him up last year. Plus, he doesn’t seem to need or want a rest and maybe Alex Auld will end up having the easiest job in the world after all.

    I’m feeling very good about this team.

  3. Dennis, just to add to Price’s accomplishments, he is now tied with Hal Gill and Taylor Hall in points, after he earned his first assist of the season — off Jeff Halpern’s goal in the third period.

  4. Habby, it’s time to lose the Leafs and let them sit where they belong – in the cellar. And every two points we grab in October is huge in the big picture so this has been a good month. Good game last night. Lots of stuff.

  5. You’re absolutely right, Danno. We’re winning without everybody getting it done. And we have to be so happy and proud for Price. Everybody wondered and worried and he’s coming through in spades. I’m feeling good about them too. And they have the best fans!

  6. Good one, Danno. I’m thinking he’ll beat Gill. C’mon Hal. Pull up your socks. Your goalie is now tied with you.

  7. who’da thunk that The Habs would be the first to reach 5 wins when the Laffs started the season off with 4.

    All I can say is: How ’bout them Habs?

  8. You Hab fans want to trade Price now …. Price and hard work may make for

    another deep run in the playoffs for you guys…

    My god… my Leafs won another … Kessel on 55 goal pace …

    Leafs in Boston tonight …scary

  9. Now that’s a team effort.

    It would be nice if Gomez could look better, but at least Captain Gio looked the best I’ve seen him all year! Now let’s finish off the home-and-home the way we started it!

  10. Hi Danny. Gomez can really get the puck up ice in nice fashion but the finish, whether it’s him or a teammate, isn’t happening so much. And Gionta’s getting the shots and eventually……….

  11. Leaf Fan, we don’t want to trade Price, the TSN panel guys do. Which proves they don’t know what they’re talking about many times.

  12. My thoughts on the game last night, now that I’ve watched all of it.

    The good – Plekanec is the Habs best player. It’s pretty much the only comment by McSplooge I’ve ever agreed with. PK Subban! That is all.

    Opposing teams thinking the Habs PP will continue to suck once Markov is back and is lined up with PK are in for a nasty surprise. I look forward to it.

    Poor Pouliot breaks my heart. He and Gio are both snakebit or something. Where’s Dr. Quinn when you need her?

    I’m never gonna like Darche. I’m barely tolerating Moen and Spacek. Once Markov comes back, I vote we put Spacek back in the box with Darche, and spring OB and Boyd.

  13. Tyg, I still need to see some improvement with O’Byrne. He’s a terrible puck handler, the complete opposite of PK, and yes, it sure was heartbreaking to see Pouliot go through that. If only he would have scored. There would have been a million or two Habs fans smiling.

  14. @ Tyg – YES! Picard has completely outplayed Spacek so far – and thus should get to keep his minutes when Markov comes back. Please someone convince Martin that this has to happen!

    Also, I don’t really care What 4th liners we ice, more that Martin actually, you know PLAYS them more than like 2min a game… Let’s not go right back to the 3-line team like in the playoffs, cause we all know how well That’s gonna work long-term…. We don’t have the cap-issue-causing short bench like Jersey or Calgary, so why self-impose that handicap on ourselves?? If the guys that we’ve got aren’t good enough for those minutes (which I don’t think is true, we just need to give Boyd the chance to prove he’s good for ~6min a game), then how about White or Maxwell or somebody from the waiver wire…

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