Three Straight!


Six points from a line on fire, and the Canadiens rack up their third straight win by beating a solid Tampa Bay Lightning squad 4-2.

Tomas Plekanec, who came to life last Saturday against Edmonton when he notched a four-point night, once again rocked and rolled against Tampa, and ended the evening with a pair of goals and a helper.

Linemates Brendan Gallagher collected a goal and an assist and Alex Galchenyuk an assist, and it doesn’t take a brilliant rocket scientist like P.J. Stock to know that when the guns come alive, the team will thrive.

Just a bit more from a few others would be nice. But this a big breakthrough regardless. Three wins in a row beats three wins in a whole month, as they managed in sad fashion in both December and January.

But that was then, this is now. And it just feels a whole lot better. I’m so alive I find myself with a little extra bounce in my step during those dozen or so trips to the bathroom to pee.

Maybe it’s too late to play playoff spot catch-up, or maybe not. It’d be nice to see Boston, Pittsburgh, and New Jersey, the teams in front of the Canadiens, do the nosedive shuffle. (Boston was bombed 9-2 tonight by L.A., which is downright hilarious, don’t you think?).

To see the team put together a handful of wins makes my heart soar. Really soar. You’d be surprised how much it’s soaring.

I like to think that Nathan Beaulieu’s pounding of Cedric Paquette early in the first period put things on track, as a fight will do sometimes.

They’re rare to see now, but really, what’s wrong with a good old fist to face with blood sprayed all over the place? It’s another thing that makes my heart soar.

Brendan Gallagher would soon after open the scoring, while in the second, after Tampa had scored just 40 seconds in, Pleks would weave his magic the first of two times.

And with only 8 seconds remaining in the middle frame, PK Subban twisted and turned and sent the puck in off Devante Smith-Pelly to give the Habs a solid 3-1 lead.

In the third, Pleks faked out a confused d-man and Ben Bishop to widen the gap to 4-1, and although Tampa would score another, that was it. A big win to keep hopes and dreams alive.

And it all started with Nathan Beaulieu delivering a couple of nasty rights to the face of Cedric Paquette.

Random Notes:

Ben Scrivens, in net for all three wins, was once again excellent.

Both Beaulieu and Brian Flynn left the game in the second period, never to return. Beaulieu was hurt blocking a shot, while Flynn appeared to do major damage to his leg.

Tampa outshot Montreal 39-27.

Next up – Friday, when the boys visit beautiful downtown Buffalo.



8 thoughts on “Three Straight!”

  1. Great to see 3 in a row. Went on Twitter after the game and I have to wonder about the comments from so-called (self-proclaimed) experts saying that they should be tanking. It seems to be a lose-lose situation for the Habs with some fans. Dump on them when they lose and question why they are trying so hard to win when they may not make the playoffs! Hard to get a break. Subban does 100 things right and gets dumped on for a stupid move…
    My heart is soaring too… Just don’t understand the mentality of those who track DD’s minutes on the ice AFTER a win. And, those who continue to be negative after a few wins.
    Thanks for listening. 🙂

  2. You said it, Mona. I’m not a believer in tanking, for starters. There has to be some self-respect involved. But fans want them to lose every game for a high draft pick. Lose every game? Horrible thinking. Attacking DD has become a full time hobby for some. And people find all kinds of faults in Subban. You’re a real fan, the way one should be. Very happy you come here.

  3. Dennis with the chances of making the playoffs slim and of advancing very far even slimmer I had started to think about a high draft pick. I didn’t want to see the team tank but I was not going to be unhappy when they would lose a game. I also thought that missing the playoffs would see the team go in a new direction this summer with a change in coaches. Despite all that, like you, I feel a whole lot better right now even though it feels like -32 outside and I have to go walk the dog. Ah, reality!

  4. I know what you’re saying D-John. The thing about high picks is that they don’t always end up being game changers. But sometimes they do, like Connor McDavid, Crosby etc. I’d consider tanking more if it was guaranteed someone like that.

  5. Hi Dennis….good to see you are soaring and you are stepping around way more effortlessly after the 3rd win by our once glorious Habs.

    Tanking…..well it is a figment of our fans imagination probably. While I am not an expert on this topic I have to think Molson would lose a pile more money if the team doesn’t make the playoffs than if they did. I know fromm reports that have circulated it is millions of dollars per game on home ice. He wouldn’t be part of a tanking job and I suspect he would fire all concerned very quickly. Anyhow the sheer complexity of a team throwing games is just that……….complex….imagine trying to get each and every player and coach along with upper management to buy into that concept…..imagine in this world now we live in keeping it quiet……because if something like that ever got to be found out…well that would be a disaster for sports in general.

    In closing I enjoyed watching the game last night more so than the previous 2 games because our Habs did out hit and in general out play Tampa…not the case with Carolina in my opinion. Edmonton well you never know what you get with them. Their goal tending was not so good…on the other hand Shrivens played really exceptional last 3…….

  6. Cliff, for sure. Without playoffs, a team loses a huge pile of money. As far as tanking goes, I don’t think it’s a case of the team getting together and deciding this. I think it’s more of just giving up more or less. And maybe tanking can be lack of trades by the deadline, or the coach using inexperienced players in roles that call for experience, or any of that sort of thing. But your point is as valid as can be – it would be impossible to keep it quiet. The word comes up constantly, but I’ve never agreed with it. Now, after three wins, maybe the whole mindset of winning is found again. It’s not impossible to make the playoffs, but they need to keep winning while others from from time to time. Every game should be interesting from here on in. A few weeks ago, I was falling asleep.

  7. Hi Dennis as usual I didn’t qualify my tanking scenario. You are right on tanking can be a conscious decision taken by management when and if they see the math on chances of making the playoffs have all but gone. Then the scenario you alluded to would be a good an appropriate one. Just don’t play your best line up….a chance to heal injuries that would otherwise not happen…..or again as you point out not going for the special player at the deadline etc… a seller as apposed to a buyer I guess is the term. Yep that would work….however for our once Glorious Habs that math is still a ways off yes ????

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