14 thoughts on “Three Serious Questions (Part 1)”

  1. DK,

    1. Of course not. Boyz vs Men. CFL players are all top-notch talent for the most part from top-notch University programs. Not only that many NFL players can’t make the grade in the CFL. Ricky Williams come to mind?

    2. Players in all sports are bigger, stronger faster and I seen no reason why golfers should be the exception to this trend. Collectively they appear to be in better shape but you can (at least partially) answer your question simply by comparing scores of a significant sample of tournaments, say the 4 majors in the first five years of the 50s vs the first five in 2000. But, so what? Comparing players from different eras may be fun it’s never been more than an academic exercise. Recently on Youtube I saw a simulation of Marciano vs Ali and the former destroyed the latter … UH? Don’t think so but who knows? Both were great fighters & great champs .. in their respective times.

    3) No. There is no best player in any team sport.

    Hmm, DK are you transmogrifying into a Troll? It would seem so given your definition. Myself, I don’t think so because I think sport & fandom serves as a window on all things human. But, take care. Some fans are notoriously myopic.

  2. I’m coming to Mr. Kane’s defense here, but I wrote the post on trolling. Take Care Mr. der habinator.

  3. Dear Canucklehead supreme,

    How, well, trollish of you. Hehe, the more interesting questions that should be posed by DK are:

    1. Is Lawrence real? Or, is he a virtual reality figment of the collective unconscious of canuckleheaddom, a kind of Captain Canuckelhead, as it were.

    2. As a true blue Habber is it at all possible for DK to even imagine that he would ever need Cpt Canucklehead to come to his defense? From a fellow Habber at that!

    3. Is it necessarily the case that all canuckleheads take the bait as easily as their troll-brained Captain? (Not to worry, Captain. I’ll always toss you back – canuckleheads are one of the principle practise fish for the HabsFan catch & release program.)

    p.s. I always take care. Hehe, when was the last time the mouse baffed the cat? Ahh, yes, the Grand Duchy Of Fenwick back in 1959 I believe. So, get DK to go Hollywood and maybe you’ll get to roar, too. Who knows? Maybe Dorothy will lend you her ruby red shoes and you can go live in Oz where you belong.

  4. I’m really trying to come to grips with all this. Why der Hab thought I came up with the troll thing when it was obviously posted by Lawrence. Maybe you’re skimming over things too quickly, Habber.
    I also don’t understand why putting a few questions out to people to get some participation is such a bad thing. Why is there so much negativity going on right now?
    Why can’t this thing just be a little more fun for you, der Hab? And are you the reason why Dani and others kind of shy away because they know your going to give them shit?
    Why does this have to be? I’m getting really tired of this.

  5. Love the site Mr. Kane; can’t say that I care terribly for the “der hab” and his (usually inane and rarely relevant) crib sheet lit. crit./post mod. thought. It’s kept me from replying to some of your super posts in the past. Perhaps things are changing?

  6. You’re exactly what I’m talking about, and exactly what I thought. That some folk don’t need to be hassled, that they only want to comment. Thanks a lot for this and please come back. Yes, things are changing.

  7. People are scared by Devil Hab? hahaha Don’t be.

    1. YES!!!
    2. Yes.
    3. No, I agree with what hab says for #3 about the “no best player.” Shock. Awe. Alert the media. I agreed with him.

  8. Dani, people aren’t scared by der Habinator. They simply don’t need the personal attacks when all they’re trying to do is add their two bits about hockey. No one needs this. This isn’t one of those forums I wrote about where people are at each other’s throats.
    I actually like him. I think he’s smart and colourful and adds a lot to this site. But from time to time he just blows my mind what comes from his keyboard. A while back, he and I discussed by email little things I could do to make this site even better. I asked him for his advice and we talked and it was good. But only a few days later, I posted a story about my friend George who saw a goalie play defence on the the power play, and der Hab went at him with such force you’d think Gorge had slept with der Habs wife. He was mean and vicious, for no reason, and he caught me off guard and I was fabbergasted.
    Why does he have to attack personally? People don’t want this, they just want to talk hockey. I’ve had several compaints about him but I always defended him because I like him. I think he lives in Calgary, and I go there from time to time to see my kids and have thought that maybe der Hab and I could have a beer together.
    I think he thinks he’s blocked from this site now, but he’s not. But if he comes back, I’ll delete his comments f I think they’re hurtful and out of line. Which I should have done when the George story came out.
    So no one’s scared, they just don’t need the abuse. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want it either.
    I admire the guy but I’m also trying to get more participation from readers and he doesn’t help.
    He just doesn’t have to get mean, that’s all. People should be allowed to comment without such viciousness coming back at them.
    PS. I deleted his comments yesterday because again, he was mean and nasty.
    I just don’t want this kind of thing.

  9. In short, my answers are
    1) Yes
    2) Yes
    3) No.

    In longer terms:

    1) Technically, any team can beat any other team on any given night, so I’ll say yes.

    2) Training is totally different now, no matter what the sport, so I’ll say yes again.

    3) No. First, it’s too hard to compare positions (is Zetterberg better than Luongo, for example). Second, it’s difficult to define “best”. Is he better than Crosby? I’d say no, because Crosby does more (leadership, puts butts in the seats, is a spokesman for the league). But does those things make a player better than another? That’s a debate, because it adds pressure to a player, and some players can’t perform with too much pressure. In the end, it comes down to whether you would pick Zetterberg first if you had the #1 pick in a draft right now. I wouldn’t.

  10. 1. That is a tuff question, i would say the good college team would win. there is no right answer to this question since the game would never happen and we would obviously never find out.

    2. excluding tiger woods, the golfers of the old days with todays equipment would wax anybody on the tour today. When those old boys were using drivers smaller that a womens fist and still making solid contact with the ball what would they do if they were using the drivers of today that are the size of O.J Simpsons head ( that is a massive head i might add). Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer would dominate todays game if they were in there prime using the new equipment of today.

    3. Henrik Zetterburg is not in the top 3 best players in the league. Hes not even a point per game player in his career. Crosby , Ovechkin, Thornton, Malkin, Kovalchuk are all alot better players than zetterburg.

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