10 thoughts on “Three Musketeers, Plus A Late Add-On”

  1. Hey Dennis,I thought maybe you would have a pic of yourself advertising the tavern you once owned included with this collage,would only be fitting eh.

  2. Derry, would have been great, I never thought of it, but it would probably also remind me of how broke the place made me.

  3. Two taverns I would have loved to have gone to. Sigh. Now we have places like “Le Cage” and it’s just not the all that special. I make it rich, I’m opening a chain of Hockey-Related pubs from coast to coast! Naturally Habs fans will get a 20% discount. Bruins fans will get a 80% mark-up! 🙂

  4. Darth, I was lucky enough to go to both. Toe’s was just an old-school tavern, but Pocket’s was quite a nice place.
    When you open your chain of Habs pubs, can I have a job doing very little and make enough money to pay my bills? Thank you. And I think 80% mark-up for Bruins fans is too low. 200% is much better I think.

  5. Dennis, you’re in charge of public relations. Your job is to sit there and look pretty and flirt with all the girls. The only time you may need to work is when we get involved in some bad PR moments like spiking a Bruins fan’s drink with Ex-Lax or something along those lines.

    But wouldn’t a chain of Habs pubs be awesome? Damn copyright laws. 🙁

  6. DK, I remember vividly our visit & meal at Henri’s,Great steaks & a great game afterwords at the Shrine, fond memories!!!

  7. Mike, I sure remember too. And Pocket and his family were there too. You’re absolutely right. Great memories.

  8. Darth, a chain of Habs pubs would be awesome. And aside from the copright laws, it would also cost a couple of cool millions at least. But lets workl on it. I’m still buying lottery tickets.

  9. I think Hamburger Helper is awesome. I just had some tonight in fact. I could eat that stuff every day if I could (I’m very easy to please).

    I still play the lotto as well but so far, nothing. I haven’t won enough to buy a damn chair for anyone to sit on.

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