Three Games For Max

Brendan Shanahan has decided that three games will be Max Pacioretty’s punishment for his high hit on Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang.

Are you surprised? I’m not. I don’t believe he deserves three games but I’m not surpised. I’m also not going to howl and scream blue murder at this because I’m not giving satisfaction to Habs haters who say we’re the whiniest complainers in the league.

We just want consistency, that’s all. I think that reason alone makes us the best fans in the league.

How can Brendan Shanahan be taken seriously when he doesn’t suspend some players, who mightily deserved it, and he suspends others, deserving or not? Until Shanahan creates a fair and just pattern across the board for everyone, I’ll consider him a lightweight in his job.

If Ryan Malone didn’t get nailed with days off for hitting Chris Campoli, if Milan Lucic didn’t sit for awhile after steamrolling Ryan Miller, if Zdeno Chara got no games for the infamous Pacioretty hit, then what could be the reason that Max, and others, get stiffer treatment?

All three, Campoli, Max, and Miller, gone for ages. Kris Letang, the one Max hit, returned later in the game and scored the winner.

We’ll live with the three games. But from here on in, Shanahan better start being fairer than fair with everyone. Otherwise, he becomes a clown. Let’s see what he does if Sidney Crosby hits someone high. Let’s watch closely how the Bruins are dealt with after questionable hitting.

We’re going to miss Max in these next three games. Hopefully the team can band together and take all three.



32 thoughts on “Three Games For Max”

  1. Different Sheriff in town, same bullshit Dennis. I’d have no problem with this if the league was consistent all around but it’s not. Watch, this will happen again and whoever does it will get nothing.

  2. shany not only got the odd fat lip during his nhl days but had his bell rung a few times and obviously suffered his share of concussions during his rough house career. with only half his brain working now he is perfect for the job he has, working along side idiots, for idiots, on behalf of idiots, owned by idiots as he pays fat lip service to the rest of us concerning the interpretation of safety rules…………. fuk ‘m………………….. jm will be able to use this suspension to dodge another bullet just on the off chance the habs suck out west.

  3. You hit it right on the nail, Dennis. It’s the inconsistency that has us all frustrated. And I couldn’t care less if others call us whiners, that doesn’t phase me at all. I’ll never stop fighting for what is fair.

    Can someone tell me, does Shanahan have access to any other footage when he reviews plays besides what we see? Because if he doesn’t, why do we need him anyway? Can’t we have a sort of American Idol style “call-in” where the viewer can say if he should be suspended or not? And go with the majority? Because the NHL has become a joke. We have clowns for refs and an out-to-lunch sheriff.

  4. Marjo, no, there’s no other cameras besides the televison cameras. At least I’ve never heard of any. I like your idea. Poll 1000 hockey fans and go with the result. It would probably be fairer and more consistent. I wonder what 1000 fans would decide about the Lucic hit and others.

  5. That’s right, Hobo. Martin will dodge it again if we suck because of the Max excuse. Never ending shit. You’re also right about so many idiots running this league.

  6. What a shitty day. First Muller becomes coach of Hurricanes and we’re stuck with our own fat, stupid, silent fuk JM. The Max suspension doesn’t surprise me. Max never hits open ice surprises me more. I think our boys are some of the dumbest in the league or it may come down to shitty coaching. Players need to be smarter and they aren’t doing it. We’re almost a third of way thru season and we continue to see our idiots taking stupid penalties. They know Shanahan is as corrupt and stupid as butthead bettman and campbell.We know not lenient calls are coming our way. And Shanny is also part of the former players club, they stick together and scratch each others back. Its like this in every league and every community. I think we need more women as part of the NHL organization. Tired of stupid fuckin men making the NHL an embarrassment.

  7. Marjo, absolutely. 12 teams in Canada, 12 in the US. Get rid of six teams. Winner from each plays for the Stanley Cup.

  8. We and Max have to consider ourselves lucky. The combination of his bosses Peter Chiarelli / Jeremy Jacobs and Ray Shero / Mario Lemieux wanted between 10 and 15 games. It took Brendan Shanahan several hours to talk them down to only three.

  9. Mayo, your idea about hiring women to run the league is the best idea I’ve heard about improving the league.

  10. If that is true about the Penguins then Mario has some bloody nerve considering who is on his team.

    I would not give stuff like this to the fans to vote on. It’s asking for trouble.

    Say for example we had that during the Chara hit. There’s 990 votes to suspend Chara. Boston would be up in arms accusing us of rigging the votes and what have you. If it’s 990 votes to not suspend him, we’d be the ones bitching about it.

    I think what they need is an independent body that exists outside of the NHL. That might be the only way to ensure full and complete honesty (one hopes) when it comes to discipline.

    I can imagine being a former hockey player and being in this position. On one hand it’s great because a former player knows what it’s like on the ice. The problem on the other hand is you have so many pals spread through the NHL that it must effect the way you think about things. Also, old personal feelings against certain teams may come into effect as well.

    An outside source might be the best thing for this kind of stuff.

    But the basic thing that gets me is if the rules state something then it should be followed to the letter. Sure, suspend Pacioretty but at the same time it should apply to all players.

    And to further anger around here don’t forget Ference’s hit on Halpern. He got nothing for it.

  11. Every Habs fan was expecting this to happen, Pacioretty doesn’t even have a record for being dirty, yet Lucic still gets away with it just from saying that there was “No intent to injure”
    Baffled. Absolutely baffled.

  12. Darth, giving the finger to 20,000 people should be suspension-worthy too. I can’t even look at Ference’s mug now.

  13. Boys 8-11. That’s who should replace Shanahan. From my experience, they’re usually dead-on and haven’t been jaded (yet).

  14. Hey Dennis,Tell me ,is this the Max. Mr. Pacioretty can get for this?What a fuckin joke,he gets a his neck broke earlier this year,no call,this guy scores the winning goal and Max gets three games.Brendan Shanahan is doing drugs in his spare time.The league is being run by people who would like to see the game of hockey destroyed,pussy fart old turds who just want to see their own team win the cup.I’m sorry Dennis,the Grey Cup had none of this bullshit.

  15. Hey Dennis, The Grey Cup was just phenominal.I couldnt have hoped for a better game,great seats,almost my whole family there and had a great time.I will try and get tickets for the 100th next year.

  16. for those who want fighting out of the game, this is what u get……….. let the players police themselves. if some one takes liberty he answers to the players on the team of the offended player. not a perfect system by any stretch but more fairer and much more consistent than what we have now.

  17. Don’t worry guys …Lucic’s day of reckoning will come …There will one day be a Clark Gilles (great player) who was a true protector and in the players circles one of “the” meanest sob when one of his team mates was touched … A great talented tough winger feared by other tough guys around the league….

  18. Dennis,

    I have no idea where the consistency is when it comes to these suspensions for high hits and head shots. If i was Max Pacioretty i would be furious with this ruling. I for one did not think the hit was cheap or dirty. I thought it was a good clean hit and how bad could it have been if Letang was able to come back and play in overtime. I just dont understand how the league makes there ruling on these types of things. To me its a complete joke how Chara can do what he did to Pacioretty last year and get virtually nothing but pacioretty, a guy with a clean record in the league, hits a guy with a clean hit that was unintentionally “high” and he gets the book thrown at him. It seems to me like the boston bruins can get away with murder ( chara on max, Lucic on miller, johnny boychuk on mason raymond) and dont have to answer to anybody for it. Its bullshit and it makes the league look stupid, anybody with half a brain and an a**hole is smart enough to look at Chara’s hit on Pacioretty or Paciorettys hit on Letang and be able to decide what is worse so how come the higher powers in the NHL cant figure out what is the more heinus act. In closing i’ll end with a quote from jeremy roenick “NHL wake the f*ck up”

  19. jordy brings up a good point as far as a clean record or no previous history of violence………… this was one of the biiiiiiiiiig reasons for letting chara off the hook. of course i could go on and on. what am i doing anyway?

  20. Right on, Jordy. The Boychuk/Raymond hit is another I should have mentioned. Everything you said, I agree. And I also agree with Jeremy Roenick. The league, the best in the world, can sure be a joke sometimes.

  21. Hobo, that had absolutely slipped my mind. Chara not having a history was a big deciding factor. Of course, Max not having a history doesn’t have anything to do with it. What a league.

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