Thoughts About A Dark Night

A 6’9″ locomotive smashes a player into a partition with the puck nowhere near, a blatant infraction, and the player goes down, out cold, with doctors and trainers scrambling to hold his head steady as he’s strapped onto a stretcher. The locomotive gets thrown out of the game, and it’s discovered that the receiver of the attack has suffered a fractured vertebra in the neck and a severe concussion.

If no names had come about and you were simply told of this occurrence, wouldn’t you think the 6’9″ locomotive might receive at least some kind of discipline because of his brutal actions?

Well, the rub is this. Big Zdeno Charo will play the next game, and the game after that, while Max Pacioretty lays in a Montreal hospital bed after almost dying and with the possibility that his playing days are in the distant future only if he’s lucky.

What did Pacioretty’s coach, Jacques Martin, say about all this?  

“It is not our role to accuse. There was an incident that occurred and there have been other incidences. The league has to look at all those incidents that have had serious repercussions to certain players and I think at some point address it.”

Have we ever seen a less demonstrative coach in the NHL? Think of others, and go back as far as you want. Think of what Toe Blake would have said, and Scotty Bowman, and John Tortorella, and even Bruins’ coach Claude Julien. Any coach, even those with cool and calm demeanors, would have been furious, outraged, with fire in their eyes and expletives spewing from their mouths. Only Martin would come up with a calm, monotone answer such as “I think at some point address it.”

Mike Murphy, doing the disciplinary duties for Colin Campbell because Campbell has a son on the Bruins, didn’t feel Chara did anything worthy of a suspension. Then why is Max in a hospital bed, assaulted, when the puck was thirty or forty feet from him, and why was Chara even thrown out in the first place if the play was so innocent?

Chara was upset by the push Max gave him after Max scored the Habs winner previously? Wow. For those who haven’t seen it, Max fired it home and Chara, just in front of him, was pushed ever so slightly out of the way. Chara was supposed to apply payback for such an evil wrongdoing? Everytime I see a clip of this I ask myself what was so wrong with this little push. What a ridiculous thing for someone to get his shorts in a knot about.

Did Chara bide his time and finally pay back for such small thing in the first place? Did Chara, with his size, almost kill Max because Max gave him a little push that would barely move a small child?

It’s insane. Everything about this entire mess. TSN’s Bob McKenzie and all the rest of people out there who think there was no justification for a suspension have it wrong. A player the size of this Bruin must be responsible for damage done. Especially when the puck was nowhere near.

Thank God Max is alive and not paralyzed. And if one of these worse situations had actually happened, would Mike Murphy still allow Chara to continue playing the next game? Because what’s the difference between what happened and what could have happened?

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  1. Dennis, Chara came as close as you can to killing Max Pacioretty. He fractured his fourth vertebra and if it would have been his second instead he would have died.

    “The majority of cervical spine fractures occur at either the upper or lower end of the cervical spine. Fracture of the C1 or C2 vertebra can be fatal. Cervical spine fracture(s) may cause instability, which can lead to spinal cord compression and neurologic disability.”

    I got the above from this medical site…

    RDS had two doctors speaking about the type of injury that Pacioretty received and they say he will be out of action for at least 2 1/2 months for sure.

    That is if the fractured vertebra is stable which would entail placing a neck brace and immobilizing the neck for that period of time while it heals.

    If the fracture is unstable it would require surgery and the chance of a full recovery is uncertain and would require a much more time.

    The doctors both agreed that a player may never be the same after such an injury not only because of the physical setback but because of the fear the player will have when he returns to play.

    For the league to let this go by with no further punishment is beyond belief.

    I don’t like the NHL today.

  2. mike murphy, in qualifying no intent to injure pointed out chara’s feet didn’t leave the ice………….. hey numb nuts, he is six feet fuking a million. if his feet left the ice to hit some one his head would be in the nose bleeds and he would sail right over his intended victim……………….. make ’em up as u go boys, just like a match penalty for interference…………………. TOTAL BUSH league

  3. Right on, Hobo. Why would Chara even have to leave his feet? It’s ridiculous, Murphy’s statement. The whole thing smells. Bush league.

  4. Air Canada is threatening to give up advertising in th NHL unless something is done. Wow, good for them. This is the start. People need to rise up and say NO MORE.

  5. Good for them, Marjo. This might turn the tide. It’s all about money. Even the rink in Toronto is the Air Canada Centre. The repercussions from the league sitting on their asses might come back and sting them in a big way.

  6. I cant believe there was no suspension or fine handed to Chara on that hit. This star treatment bullshit has no place in the game and it makes the people in the positions of power in the league look like complete idiots. An offense like that should be dealt with in a severe way regardless of who the player is. I dont know how anybody involved in the NHL’s disciplinary could watch that play and see nothing wrong with it, they must be complete f*cking idiots. I never used to mind Zdeno Chara but after watching that i’ll be keeping my fingers crossed until the day he takes a slapshot square in the teeth.

  7. Jordy, Mike Murphy said a) Charo never left his feet. And I say, so what? And b) Murphy said Charo has never been involved in anything like this before, and I say, so what? Can’t there be a first time? If Air Canada pulls out of the picture because of this and other incidents, it just might wake up these idiots. A great game is being ruined by these people.

  8. Hey Dennis, Well didnt the nhl pull a boner on this one?Here they have a chance to right all the wrongs they have looked the other way on and let the players and fans know that they are not tolerating anymore bullshit in the league.They have stepped up to the plate and struck out on this one.Bettman and his band of rule makers have let the game slide downwards since he came into the game we all love.The whole personality of the game is no longer there anymore,the exciting things that drew many a knowledgeable fan have been taken away.I am really pissed at this one.

  9. I’m pissed too, Derry. I’ve just been reading some Bruin fans comments on Boston blogs and Chara is an absolute saint who should be cannonized soon.

  10. Hey Dennis,I forgot ,4 days of voting left place your vote for Mackenzie if you could.Thank you.

  11. Dennis

    For a long time I more or less followed hockey in the clutch and grab era. Now that the league has gone from that to condoning violent aggression, I just may go back into my shell. The irony is that they want to appeal to Americans, but in doing so they are losing all credibility as a viable and honorable sport.

  12. AC, they sure are losing credility. non-stop head injuries, attendance in Atlanta, the side show in Phoenix, Gary Bettman, Don Cherry’s often outrageous comments, players whining about PK Subban……..
    I honestly don’t know what to think. The game I love is at a crossroads.

  13. If I would have been the coach…. I would have broken a podium….

    Head shots have been an increasing issue…. and very little has changed.

    While they introduced Rule 48 to address contact to the head, there is no clear punitive process or standard…. because they chase the wind with the “intent” and “it’s a hockey play” defense.

    So some people get suspended. Others just don’t.

    It’s just a farce.

  14. Yves, I’ve never seen a more low-key type of coach before. Even the mildest of coaches would have expressed more anger I’m sure. Maybe things will change now about the rules and cracking down on this nonsense.

  15. a crossroads for sure once again. the last time the nhl sold it’s soul to the devil at the crossroads for sunbelt popularity, u.s. acceptance and general all ’round love the devil ripped the nhl off. unlike robert johnson, who as popular myth has it, at least received musical brilliance in exchange for his soul all the nhl got was a big bag of oregano. but, like po’ lil’ robert who suffered a violent death on account of his satanic transgressions the nhl is facing its own violent death…………….the nhl can never destroy the game of hockey, only their brand. as far as i can see the only good thing about the league right now is that the habs are in it.

  16. Dennis, the NHL and disciplanarians have been dragging their feet for too long. Are they waiting for someone to die on the ice? I have no respect for the NHL now and Chara knew better.

    I may have watch college hockey and the Olympics now.

    My heartfelt prayers to Max Pacioretty and his family for a quicky recovery.

  17. Hi Diane. That’s what it’s going to take. For someone to die. And Max came within a whisker of dying. And Diane, I want so much to hear a heartfelt apology from Chara but it’s not happening. I think with all Habs fans, hatred for the Bruins has reached an all-time high.

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