Thought I Needed A Lafleur Cap

On February 16, 1985, I watched on TV as the Montreal Canadiens honoured Guy Lafleur. But it wasn’t just the on-ice ceremony that my eyes were focused on. One couldn’t help but notice that fans in the building were wearing special Guy Lafleur caps, which were given out that night.

They were just cheap painters caps, but they were Habs colours with LAFLEUR printed across the front, and I decided that I’d like one too. If those lucky bastards got be there, and on top of everything else, they also got a cap, then I felt I should at least get a lousy cap.

So I wrote Claude Mouton and asked about the possibility. It wasn’t to be.

(All these old letters, which I thought were long gone but recently found, can be seen by clicking on “Letters” in Categories).

Here’s what it looked like, from Classic Auctions.


12 thoughts on “Thought I Needed A Lafleur Cap”

  1. Might as well get this out of the way…..

    Its 5-1 Vancouver over my Leafs at 7:12 of the second period

    My Leafs look like pee wee’s

    Going to watch a movie with my wife …

    8th spot is wide open Hab fans …there for the pickin

  2. Just got home from a Clarkson hockey game and say another example of how gracious Erik Cole is. He went to Clarkson and the announcer told the crowd he was at the game and he was sitting in the Presidents seats, Instantly kids and adults alike came to his side for autographs. He was gracious to all requests and got out of his seat so as not to disturb any other fans from enjoying the game he came to watch. Instead of being upset at missing the game with his wife and friends he was kind and generous. A quality that many stars today could use and learn to be more gracious and humble. We are indeed lucky to have signed him fo this and many other reasons. Just look at him mentor Patches and others. Maybe someday the will be an Erik Cole night and if so we must remember these things.

  3. dra58, that’s very cool. Cole has beena breath of fresh air. I like everything about the guy. He’s friendly, big, talented, with personality, and he makes an impact every night. Thanks for this story.

  4. Leaf Fan, the problem is, there’s about four teams all together just below the Leafs. Only the strong will survive.

  5. Martin, I’m keeping my eye on one now but no way would I pay a lot for it. I don’t need it that much. I wanted one for free in the beginning.

  6. Erik Cole has been named temporary Captain. That’s not a surprise at all. What an amazing guy he is and I think it’s one of the best things Gauthier ever did. I have to give him credit for that. And it is nice to see that he’s a real nice guy and just doesn’t act that way on tv.

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