Those Wild And Crazy Early Years

It’s listed as being 1929  and the Chicago Black Hawks on YouTube but I think it’s off by a year or two and it’s more likely 1930 or ’31. And it’s not the Chicago Black Hawks.

Howie Morenz, Eddie Shore, Ace Bailey, Aurele Joliat, Dit Clapper, Lester Patrick, and so many other all-time greats of the game roamed the ice back then, and 1930 was only a year after Wall Street crashed and women now being considered “Persons” under new Canadian law.

The Habs would win the Stanley Cup in the spring of 1930 after taking out the Boston Bruins in two games, with Howie Morenz netting the winner.

The NHL was a ten-team league at this time – Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, the Montreal Maroons, and the NY Americans in the Canadian Division, and Boston, the Rangers, the Detroit Cougars, Chicago, and the Pittsburgh Pirates in the American Division.

This minute and a half home video  features the AHA Chicago Shamrocks and possibly the St. Louis Flyers (or Duluth Hornets) and is a fascinating look at the boys back then.

And the ice cleaners at the end of the clip are something to behold.

3 thoughts on “Those Wild And Crazy Early Years”

  1. I’ve been watching two of our grandsons play hockey ( best pastime for an old grandfather) and I am amazed at the skills these boys( ages 7 and 10) have compared to me at that age.
    Yes, they have much better equipment, coaches, etc., but it is a treat at my age to see the skill they display not only in hockey, but other endeavours as well. It’s a long stretch from the time Dave Balon and Fred Saskamoose came to visit the boys ( at my invitation) at the school ( Victoire, near Debden, Saskatchewan) where I was teaching at the time (1962).

  2. Wow Orville, Dave Balon and Fred Sasakamoose. Balon was such an important two-way player. Not a huge star but important regardless. And a few years back I was putting together a 1955 set of hockey cards but Sasakamoose’s was one of the most difficult and expensive to get. You’ve had an interesting life my friend.

  3. Good gosh, how could I forget – when one is 77, sometimes I forget to do up my fly ! When I mentioned that Dave Balon and Freddy Sasakamoose came to visit our school in Victoire, I forgot to mention that Jim Neilson was with them. He , actually , was instrumental in all three players coming to my school upon my invitation after an Old-Timers game I’d attended in Saskatoon. I kidded Jimmy by comparing him to Doug Harvey – two players that loafed their way to fame and fortune at a time when defencemen stayed ” at home” and never crossed the opposing team’s blueline.

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