11 thoughts on “Those Wacky Bruins”

  1. I don’t get why Julien and the Bruins commentators keep saying Emelin slashed or cross-checked Seguin and broke his ribs. Emelin’s stick was on the ice the entire time as he gave Seguin a legal open-ice body check. Then Emelin drops his stick afterwards (or Seguin pulls it away from him) while Chara charges over to kill him. But it really was just “a hockey play” by Emelin.

    Look at the video carefully. Things happen fast but if you take it frame by frame, Emelin did nothing wrong. I honestly believe Seguin was faking.

  2. Monday morning I ordered a box of Summer’s Eve from drugstore.com and had it sent to Mr. Julien, c/o Boston Bruins Hockey Club, 100 Legends Way, Boston, MA 02114.

    We DID fire him

  3. Danno, I watched it carefully too and I’ve yet to see the problem. Emelin didn’t do anything except a little shove. It’s unbelievable how despicable Boston is, from players to coach to announcer to media. I’m hoping their fans are more mature.

  4. Dennis, it just goes to show you – if you repeat a lie often enough people start believing it.

  5. I didn’t say it was a good hit, bad hit or no hit. I was only wanting to show what caused the whole thing to erupt.

  6. I know, Beatnik. I was only thinking out loud about what I saw there. Thanks for sending it. It’s really interesting to see.

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