Those Darn Kids

Guy Lafleur was a punk kid here as a member of the Quebec Jr. Aces of the Quebec Junior A Hockey League. He was with the Aces for three years, from age 14 to 16. In his third year, he scored 50 goals, and the next two seasons with the Remparts he notched 103 and 130 goals. After that, it was the Habs.

Guy 1

The little kid in the front row, holding the trophy, would one day….

1962-Parry Sound Bantam BOMHA Champions Team Photo

B. Orr


young Orr

And this kid was a Habs fan.



4 thoughts on “Those Darn Kids”

  1. Bobby Orr sure didn’t look very strong when he was young, but I think even then he was no pushover, even when he was the smallest on the ice.

  2. balance and coordination made Orr powerful. He was so strong on his skates that other players often remarked it was like running into a fire hydrant. I’d reckon Lafleur wasn’t easy to knock off his feet, either. If you watch tapes of the Flower at his peak, you’ll come away impressed with how infrequently he was knocked down even though he was not a big man.

  3. Turk, Orr could shoot the puck over the net from the blueline and beyond when he was still the smallest kid on the ice.

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