Those Damn Leafs

We’ve had our bad days before with those blasted Torontonians.

Sid Smith scored the overtime winner in game one of the 1951 Stanley Cup finals, and he and his team look a tad happier than Habs netminder Gerry McNeil.

This is the series when the Leafs’ Bill Barilko scored his Cup-winning goal in game five and not long after, the defenceman perished when his plane went down in Northern Ontario.

10 thoughts on “Those Damn Leafs”

  1. Did you see the report about that plane’s recovery on HNIC this week? Nice story.

    I really don’t mind the Leafs. I know they are supposedly our mortal enemy but I really prefer to hate Boston.

    However it’s an awful feeling knowing they are the best team in Canada now. It should be us!

  2. Darth, I think having the Leafs competitive is good for hockey. But as always, the Canadiens have to be better than them. It’s the ways of the world.

  3. Proud to be a supporter of those “Damn Leafs”

    …respect the Habs but love to beat them

    …hate the Flyers and Bruins ..bully hockey and Fans (Orr is exception)

  4. Leaf Fan, I’ve always said Orr is the exception too. Now, about the Leafs. I think the Leafs histyory is facinating, from how Maple Leaf Gardens was built to how Conn Smythe ran the team, to Foster and Bill Hewitt. The Kid Line – Conacher, Jackson, and Primeau. Did you know that Busher Jackson, in his later years, became an alcoholic and street person and used to see things outsides the Gardens? Montreal and Toronto, until modern days, had a spectacular rivalry, and Punch Imach was such an arrogant prick. But he knew his hockey and used to coach in Quebec (he coached Beliveau), while Toe Blake was coaching Valleyfield. So their rivalry began even before the NHL.
    But it was the Ballard days that ruined everything for Leaf fans. Ballard was more concerned about the bottom line than winning or history. He had Foster’s Gondola torn down. He threw out old photos and contracts and business papers, some of which you still see crop up on eBay today. He fired Roger Neilson, then brought him back and wanted him to wear a paper bag at the start of the game. He then proceeded to fire Neilson again at the end of the season. Unfortunately for the sport of hockey, the Leafs went south, became a laughingstock, and never recovered. They’ve started this year well but who knows how long it will end.
    I’ve never liked the Leafs because they were Montreal’s biggest rivalry, but I respect their history. And I say good for you for sticking with them through all these lean years.

  5. I did not know of the Busher Jackson situation after he retired as a street person, rather sad. For myself the 3 cups in 1962-63-64 is where my citizenship in Leaf Nation took place as I was 11 years old in 1962.
    The cup in 1967 was super …And then all hell broke loose with Ballard,as he was such an absolute arrogant asshole. At the same time I had to watch your incredible Habs teams of Lafleur,Lemaire,Savard,Lapointe,Robinson etc etc. God you guys had something truly special in that team.
    I will also say right hear that I pulled for the Habs big time to beat that goon team of Clarke and the Broad Street Bullies. The Habs showed what real hockey was all about.
    Having said this I was born and raised in Toronto (Loved the Argo’s) it was just natural for me to love to beat Montreal teams. (I do love the city of Montreal as my wife is French from Lac St Jean north of Quebec City).

    In conclusion Dennis I hate to say this but ..

    Go Leafs GO

  6. Leaf Fan, we’re very close in age – I was 12 in ’62, and so I see how you look at the Leafs. You went through some glorious years and some extremely miserable years with your team. I appreciate that even though you’re a Leafs fan, you also show respect for the Habs. Many fans from other teams refuse to do that. It’s nice to see the Habs and Leafs play each other more often nowadays, but it’s sad that they can’t meet in the Stanley Cup finals.

  7. Ballard was a joke, but I liked him anyways. He made it easier for me to avoid the clutches of the Leafs and become a Habs fan. He was good to my Tiger-Cats. I just wish he carried through on his threats to move the Leafs to Hamilton.

  8. Quebec City will get a team before Hamilton every will ..

    I loved to watch those Battles between the Nordique and Habs ..insane rivalry with hot blooded franco fans again hot blooded franco fans … very entertaining
    viewed from Ontario ….

  9. Leaf Fan – I heard that the three cities at the top of the list are Quebec, Kansas City, and Las Vegas.

  10. Chris, Ballard probably stole your Ti-Cats blind. Or maybe he just loved football more than hockey.

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