6 thoughts on “Those Buffalonians Sure Are Nice, Aren’t They?”

  1. Daniella, need you be so crassly insulting? Hab fans are NOT nice! (Not even DK is nice, no matter how hard he strives to appear to be so.)
    Canuckleheads are nice (I mean, c’mon, that uber-canucklehead, Jordy, is so nice he could be a regular on that nicetynicenicenice show, Friends). PCBunnyhuggin’ Sens fans are nice (Their motto: We wuv wabbits and wabbits wuv us. ) ! Punkie fans (ahem …) are nice. About the only good thing that can be said about Twinkie fans is that they, too, are NOT nice. ‘Course, they’re really dumb which definitive characteristic qualifies them as a kind of mutant subspecies of fan so they don’t really count. And need I remind you that Madonna thinks `nice’ sucks? Daniella, in your favour, at least you didn’t add injury to insult by pasting a Happy Face on the end of that egregious affront.

    p.s. we’re not glad that you won, we’re happy that Florida lost: may you win only those games that help us!

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