Those Bruins Bastards

You don’t hate the Boston Bruins more than I do. Looking at them hurts my eyes. Messes with my mind and mood. If they’re about to go all the way, I might walk on nails, get my chest hairs ripped out with duct tape, and visit the dentist, all around game time of the final night.

But I sure respect what they’re doing right now. At this writing, it’s 5-1 Bruins in the third period of game two. Boston also won the first, with both games on the road. They’re playing like they can win it all. They’re shutting the Pens down. They’re tough and disciplined and everyone seems to be on the same page.

It hurts me to write that.

This is what the Canadiens have to become. Tough, with scorers scoring. With a goaltender to be relied upon. With a strong defence. With a few more bigger bodies.

What a novelty act the Bruins have going. Everyone playing well at the same time. I’m not used to that as a Habs fan.

And as much as I despise the Bruins, Matt Cooke plays for Pittsburgh. So what’s a neutral fan to do?

Pittsburgh isn’t exactly on my wish list. And they’re in deep trouble, even though they finished head and shoulders above everyone else in the east during the regular season, with 72 points, nine more than the second-place Habs.

They were unstoppable. They grabbed Jerome Iginla and Brenden Morrow to join Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. They enjoyed a 15-game winning streak late in the season. They were a machine.

And the Bruins are killing them.

Boston was nothing to write home about during the regular season, ending up with one point less than Montreal and showing little of what we’ve become accustomed to in the past few years. Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, and Zdeno Chara were only heavy winds instead of gale force hurricanes. It was like the Bruins in general had seen better days.

But this team obviously knew what they’re doing, and even though the Habs finished ahead of them, they weren’t about to concede anything. The playoffs are a different animal, and the Bruins seem to have it figured out.

Most of them only made it to grade three, but they’ve got the playoffs figured out.


8 thoughts on “Those Bruins Bastards”

  1. Back when the Leafs had them 4-1 midway the 3rd period any the commentators were at the Bruins funeral— they showed the subdued Boston bench; I said to my son– it’s not over yet!! You could tell they were not gonna QUIT !!![I wish they had of quit] They are a machine with human heart and drive. They have 4 lines—but don’t have a 1st or 4th —just 4 solid lines!! Do I like them? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!- do I respect them–YES.Am I jealous– YES !! Pittsburgh was gonna match them physically—and got off their game–twice. Habs were gonna thump Leafs one nite–got thumped themselves, Habs were gonna lay a beating on Ottawa one game and got royally pounded!!!!Seems like a trend. Passive people shouldn’t fight Not in hockey–they could get hurt. Anyway, Dennis,Luci, tour June 8 last day is almost here!! Hope the details are falling into place for your adventure. Peter

  2. You know how much I hate the Bruins. Probably as much as you. However we beat them this year and that felt really good. I don’t dislike the Penguins anywhere near the Bruins but I don’t like the way they beefed up their already-meaty-team this Spring. It was cheap to me. So, surprisingly even to myself, I was (and still am) hoping for a B’s win. If they beat the Pens in this series and move on to Chicago (or L.A.), their tough/fighting ways will only add yet another city to their list of fans-in-the-NHL-who-hate-us. (Think Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Pittsburgh (if they beat them)). Having said that, they’re nowhere near as dirty as they’ve been the last two years.

    But what do you do if you’re Bylsma?? Fleury (who let in 3) or Vokoun (who let in the same amount?? And what a vindication for Boston who didn’t get Iginla. The drama unfolds…

  3. I truly despise the Bruins. As I’ve gotten older, my passions and hatreds for teams have waned–too many things going on in life to get worked up about sports franchises. Two of them have remained, however–my love for the Habs and my utter loathing of the Bruins. I actually couldn’t watch games six and seven of the Stanley Cup Finals in 2011 because I KNEW what was going to happen (and it did). I am starting to get the same uneasy sentiment this season (though I do think that the Chicago will show more heart than Vancouver did)………..

  4. Peter Hab, thanks. I wish the Canadiens would be slightly tough yet keep their speed. I love that the Habs are a speedy team, like the old days.
    Yes, June 8th is my final work day, and a couple of days after that it’s off we go! Wow! It doesn’t seem real yet. I just can’t wait to get going.

  5. Marjo, good point. Pittsburgh’s goaltending has been mediocre. And you can’t win in the playoffs without excellent goaltending. To me it just goes to show the wide gap between the regular season the post season. Vancouver has shown that for several years. You can be great for 82 games, but if you’re not built for the playoffs, it doesn’t matter one bit. Boston seems to have it figured out. I guess I hate them and also respect them. Of course, Chicago was great in the regular season and are keeping it going now, so it kind of shoots my theory down. But you know what I mean.

  6. Hi Ian. I guess I only truly hate the Bruins when they’re playing the Habs. Otherwise,I only hate them a great deal instead of full max. I’m the same as you, I’ve mellowed somewhat. But when the Habs are involved, it’s full steam ahead. I honestly dislike all teams except my team, although some more than others. Some I barely think about. But when the Habs are up against Boston, Toronto, Philly, maybe now Ottawa, and maybe a couple more, it’s destroy and then destroy some more. I think a lot of it has to do with their fans. I’ve read so much hatred from fans from other teams about the Habs that I just want a win at all costs for our guys. Shove it down their fans’ throats.

  7. Well as a leaf fan I am not feeling to bad considering we where down 3-1 in the series and forced a game 7 with the Bruins…..

    They talk about Horton,Lucic and Chara who are all three giant grizzles when poked but to me it is the goalie Tukka Rask who is absolutely rock solid…and is the key to the Bruins….He gives them so much confidence…..

    Also my Leafs will go after this monster on Chicago named Bickell (6 ft 4 …240) who is tearing it up when he becomes a UFA…It seems monster forwards with touch is the key to playoff hockey….

  8. Leaf Fan, maybe we’ll steal Bickell from under your nose. Power forwards with great hands is something the Habs could use. And Rask is certainly playing well and shows how important a goalie can be in the playoffs. Right now I’m sure if either the Leafs or Habs have this.

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