5 thoughts on “Those Boy Days”

  1. Just shows you that kids are kids no matter where they grow up. I was your doppelganger (playing for the Leafs of course!) here in Toronto.

  2. Dennis, I used to enjoy reading a book to my grade 5 class by Gary Paulsen called “Hatchet”, an excellent story about a young boy surviving in the wilderness by himself when the plane he is in crashes in Northern Ontario. Your most recent entry reminded me of another Paulsen book called “The Shernoff Discoveries”. It is a collection of short stories about the author as a young boy and some of the stuff he got into. I don’t know if you read novels much but this book would make me laugh out loud when I read it to my class and I think you might find it a fun read.

  3. Thanks D-John, I’ll keep it in mind and try to find it. Next time you’re in Orillia, check out 5 Elmer Ave. Some mighty fine road hockey games were held on the street there. I remember scoring the Cup-winning goal there after taking a pass from Beliveau. And the games were always better if I noticed my mom or dad watching from the window.

  4. Hi Joel. Kids are kids, and back then it was outside where it all happened. No video games or cell phones. I appreciated the Leafs (Keon, Bower etc) but I sure hated it when they beat my team. I still hate it nowadays but I’m more mature now ?. Hope you have a terrific summer.

  5. I’ve come a long way since I was a kid where I loved the Leafs unconditionally and hated Les Canadiens…also unconditionally. But things changed for me in the early 70’s when the Habs brought up a young goaltender named Ken Dryden to backstop the Mahovlich brothers. From that playoff run (and Cup) forward, I was a committed fan of the bleu-blanc-rouge. I honestly love the Habs…unconditionally.

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