Thomas Should Look Hard At His Own Team

Shouldn’t the winning team show grace and sportsmanship after eliminating another?

Have a look at this story Tim Thomas whines about PK and decide for yourself about the Boston goalie. He may smile and be a popular interview for media types, but under that so-called likeable act is a bit of a nasty person.

Many of the comments following the piece are worth a peak too.

7 thoughts on “Thomas Should Look Hard At His Own Team”

  1. He wins and still whines. This is why I wanted to beat that team so much, even if we didn’t win another game.

  2. AC, have a look at the youtube in Danno’s comment. I can’t stand this. Bruins fans, eat shit.

  3. Hey Dennisthey should play this clip on the centre ice clock before the national anthem during the first game against the bruins next year.Pretty disgusting is the only way I can call that one.Like a refferee closing his eyes before he calls a penalty,these guys are just blind to anything other the true american patriotism.

  4. What can we expect? Its a game played by barely educated men, who hang out in arenas and lockerrooms 90% of their lives, adored by young boys and girls. People like Thomas grow up thinking they are better than other people and don;t really learn the true lessons in life. Some get it but most of these guys start living a dream even by 13, 14 or 15 years old. They have been put on a pedastal by their parents and communities.

  5. It’s true, Mayo. For some of these guys, the only thing they can do is play video games.

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