This Will Wake You Up In A Hurry

Coming home from work this morning at 6 a.m., tired and minding my own business as I drove down my street, a big, fat black bear ran in front of my car. I screetched to a stop and just missed hitting him by inches.

I’m now wide awake.

14 thoughts on “This Will Wake You Up In A Hurry”

  1. hopefully the habs won’t come to a screeching stop when they come face to face with the nhl version of a bear……… bruin burgers anyone?

  2. My first thought after seeing that you were OK was that 6 am is no time to be awake let alone finishing work. When you’re owner of the Habs you’ll be done by 1 am with a driver to take you home.

  3. hristopher, I’m thinking about just having a luxury apartment at the Bell Centre so I don’t have to go outside.

  4. Dennis, if that bear ran off and retreated back into the woods I would take it a good omen for the Habs.

  5. Sounds like a close call Dennis. I was just reading in the paper here in Victoria, a couple days ago that someone had hit a bear in town and it did some pretty good damage to the car, but had bounced off and kept going wherever it was going. There have been a few bear sitings around the outskirts of Victoria lately, which is kind of strange for here. I ran into one last month while hiking in a park by myself just on the outside of town. Glad you are alright.

  6. Dennis recently there was a death in NB of a young couple killed when their car collided at night with a moose. Their 2 year old son was orphaned.

    I’ve had a close encounter myself and if the driver of an eighteen wheeler hadn’t blown his big horn and come to my rescue I might not be typing to you right now.

    It’s scary crazy and all I can say is that I thank God you are okay.

  7. Thanks Tyg. Good for the trucker in your case. Sometimes the road can be dangerous for sure. You be careful driving to Montreal for your game.

  8. Hi Jesse. There’s bears all over the place here now. Four spotted at work by co-workers over the last few days. This is the first one close to home like this. I just missed him by inches. Whew!

  9. Dennis, I’m glad to hear both you and the bear are okay and only got a fright. Take care, both you and the bear!

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